Karen Buechler
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In an embodiment, a method of conducting a high temperature chemical reaction that produces hydrogen or synthesis gas is described. The high temperature chemical reaction is conducted in a reactor having at least two reactor shells, including an inner shell and an outer shell. Heat absorbing particl ...

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This is an improved continuous process for producing a clean methane-rich gas stream without the concomitant formation of particulate carbon which would ordinarily decrease the efficiency of the process and shorten the life of the catalyst. By-product superheated steam is simultaneously produced at ...

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Process for the gasification of coal in situ comprising driving shafts or tunnels into a coal seam, injecting air into the bore holes to ignite and burn the coal to raise its temperature ceasing the flow of air when the coal is hot enough to support the endothermic water gas reaction, and injecting ...

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In accordance with a method of producing of methanol synthesis gas from a partial oxidation crude gas, the gas is cooled after a waste heat boiler of a gasifier by adding a converted circulating gas in a quenching zone. The resulting gas mixture is dedusted and then separated into a product gas part ...

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A subterranean, viscous oil-containing formation, e.g. tar sands, which has previously been exploited by an in-situ combustion operation to recover the maximum amount of oil therefrom and leaving a solid coke like residue in the formation, is first saturated with a combustible gas such as methane, e ...

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A method for the production of a hydrogen-containing gas composition, such as a synthesis gas including hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The molar ratio of hydrogen to carbon monoxide (H

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A fuel processing system is disclosed. The system includes a steam reformer adapted to produce hydrogen from a feedstock consisting of water and at least one of an alcohol and a hydrocarbon feedstock. The hydrogen is produced by reacting the feedstock in the present of a reforming catalyst. The prod ...

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A steam reformer with internal hydrogen purification includes internal bulk hydrogen purification, internal hydrogen polishing to remove trace levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, an integrated combustion method utilizing waste gas to heat the reformer, efficient integration of heat transfe ...

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A method for the production of a hydrogen rich gas by underground gasification of coal, characterised in that it consists of associating an underground coal gasification operation carried out by means of oxygen and CO2, the CO2 being recovered in the plant in which the gas produced is cleansed, with ...

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There is disclosed a method for the gasification of coal in situ which comprises drilling at least one well or borehole from the earth's surface so that the well or borehole enters the coalbed or seam horizontally and intersects the coalbed in a direction normal to its major natural fracture system, ...