Arnaud Baudot
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The liquid hydrocarbon stream including COS is introduced via line 1 into membrane contactor CM to be placed in contact, through membrane M, with the aqueous alkanolamine solution arriving via line 3. The COS contained in the hydrocarbon stream is absorbed by the aqueous alkanolamine solution. The l ...

Keith K Aldous, Jacob B Angelo, Joseph P Boyle: Process for manufacturing improved process oils using extraction of hydrotreated distillates. Exxon Research and Engineering Company, Joseph J Dvorak, August 29, 2000: US06110358 (204 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a process oil in which a naphthenic rich distillate is processed through a single hydrotreating stage, the hydrotreated distillate is then solvent extracted to yield a process oil which passes IP-346 and AMES screening test.

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Gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon is treated with a scavenging compound comprising an oil soluble 1,3,5-trihexahydro-1,3,5-tert.-butyltriazine. The compound is an effective nonregenerated scavenger for oil field produced fluids, particularly sour hydrocarbon liquids.

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A hydrocarbon conversion process is disclosed having a very high selectivity for dehydrocyclization. In one aspect of this process, a hydrocarbon feed is subjected to hydrotreating, then the hydrocarbon feed is passed through a sulfur removal system which reduces the sulfur concentration of the hydr ...

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Sulfur content of distillate feedstock, which is greater than 3,000 wppm, is reduced using multi-stage hydrodesulfurization by reacting the feestream in stages with reaction zone(s) containing bulk multimetallic catalyst comprised of Group VIII non-noble metal(s) and at least two group VIB metals. T ...

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A process for hydrotreating a hydrocarbon feed, comprising subjecting said feed to hydrotreating conditions in the presence of a catalyst comprising an essentially alumina-based extruded support, essentially constituted by a plurality of juxtaposed agglomerates, optionally at least one catalytic met ...

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A process is described for hydroconversion of a mixture of organic oils of different origins in a conventional hydrotreatment unit, constituted by at least two catalyst beds, under moderately severe process conditions to obtain diesel fuel oil. The process includes injection of a stream of oil of an ...

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A process for catalytic multi-stage hydrogenation of heavy carbonaceous feedstocks using catalytic ebullated bed reactors is operated at selected flow and operating conditions so as to provide improved reactor operations and produce increased yield of lower boiling hydrocarbon liquid and gas product ...

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A method of refining crude oil by distillation and desulfurization for the preparation of petroleum products can reduce cost of apparatus and cost of operation and can be operated with better stability by simplified control of operation. In the method, a naphtha fraction is separated from crude oil ...

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Hydrotreating catalyst composition comprising a hydrogenating component consisting essentially of a metal component in which the metal is selected from Group VIB and a phosphorus component, deposed on the surface of a support comprising a porous refractory inorganic oxide and free of zeolite compone ...