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This invention provides an integrated process for upgrading a combination of crude petroleum residua, refractory bottoms from catalytic cracking operations, and coal to gasoline and middle distillate products.

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The acceptability of residual oil as a gas turbine fuel is greatly enhanced in a two step process which significantly decreases the vanadium content of the residual fuel. In the process, the residual oil is first broken down into an oil phase and asphaltene phase by either conventional or supercriti ...

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Hydrocarbon oils, particularly petroleum oils, more particularly lube, transformer, white oil and other specialty oils can be extracted to remove aromatic hydrocarbon components therefrom using a combination polar extraction solvent, such as n-methyl pyrrolidone phenol or furfural, preferably NMP in ...

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Hydrocarbon oils such as residual petroleum oils are efficiently deasphalted and demetallized with recovery of high quality asphalt by contact with a liquid mixture of at least two of the components selected from hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and propane. The recovered deasphalted oil, which is c ...

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There is provided a process for the extraction of at least one aromatic compound from a mixture with at least one aliphatic hydrocarbon, which process comprises contacting said mixture with a salt that is in a liquid state at a temperature below 150 DEG C, said salt having a cation which comprises a ...

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The present invention provides a process and equipment for efficiently and economically recovering organic sulfur compounds in a fuel oil while maintaining the original chemical structures thereof. The fuel oil is admixed with a solvent low in solubility therein of hydrocarbons and high in solubilit ...

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This invention relates to a method for upgrading heavy oils for use in subsequent hydrocarbon processing. The process is especially suitable for removing metals which are in the form of nickel or vanadium organic compounds and for lowering the Conradson Carbon Residue of the resulting oil. The proce ...

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Method of extracting liquid hydrocarbons from oil-containing stone or sand, wherein the oil-containing stone or the oil-containing sand undergoes hydrogenating, low temperature carbonization in a reactor at temperatures of 450.degree. to 520.degree. C. and a pressure of approximately 50 bar through ...

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In mixing coal tar and/or coal tar pitch with aromatic and aliphatic solvents at atmospheric pressure and at a temperature between 15.degree. C and 140.degree. C to prepare a raw material for the manufacture of needle coke, the mixing ratio of the aromatic and aliphatic solvents and their quantities ...

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