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A high heating value, fuel pellet comprises from about 50 to about 99% by weight natural cellulosic material and from about 1 to about 50% by weight synthetic polymeric thermoplastic material. The synthetic thermoplastic material is uniformly distributed throughout the fuel pellet. The thermoplastic ...

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Pellet material and a process for producing such pellet material, which pellet material is suitable for use as an improved fuel that is particularly suitable for use in automatic stoker furnaces and kilns, and for home heating. The pellets are formed of a mixture of particulate peat and coal fines, ...

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A method for refining organic material such as bark, wood shavings, wood chips, other wood waste and peat for use as a solid fuel or for gas generation in which the material after dewatering is disintegrated and dried by the flue gases passing from the heat exchange surfaces of the furnace in which ...

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An improved apparatus and method for the continuous processing of organic carbonaceous materials containing appreciable amounts of water to produce thermally upgraded products suitable for use as fuels, carbon-containing chemical intermediates, and the like. The apparatus and process utilizes contro ...

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A low rank coal or peat has various impurities removed therefrom by a drying process. The impurities may be removed in a subsequent operation. The dried coal or peat will not absorb substantial moisture when stored or transported.

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A process for drying lignitic and subbituminous coal containing from about 25 to about 40% by weight water which comprises heating said coal with a fluidizing combustion gas stream containing from about 7 to about 9% by volume of oxygen to reduce the moisture content to a level of from about 8 to ab ...

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Improved process for producing granular compound fertilizer comprising mixing humic substance separated from peat with a mixture of starting fertilizer materials, and granulating by tumbling, kneading or extruding the resulting mixture to form the granular compound fertilizer. The humic substance is ...

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An energy efficient process for beneficiating and dewatering high water content carbonaceous materials utilizing a pneumatic stream to entrain, transport, dewater and to carbonize organic carbonaceous material in a fluidized bed. The process utilizes physical separation for principal removal of mois ...

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Method of separating peat into its fibrous component and humic component comprising mining peat in the water existing in a peat bed to form a peat slurry, disintegrating it to suspend the fibrous component and humic component in the water, and separating the fibrous component from the humic componen ...

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Synthesis gas is prepared by contacting coal-derived char particles with steam in a fluid-bed gasifier wherein heat for the endothermic reaction is supplied by passing through the gasifier a stream of inert pellets heated externally of the gasifier. The pellets, after leaving the gasifier, are separ ...