Nathaniel Brese
Nathaniel E Brese, Kenneth T Reilly: Small size electroluminescent phosphor. OSRAM Sylvania, Robert F Clark, July 1, 1997: US05643496 (30 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent phosphor composed of copper activated zinc sulfide having an average particle size less than 23 micrometers and a halflife equal to or greater than the halflife of a second phosphor having a similar composition and an average particle size of at least 25 micrometers.

Garo Khanarian
Thomas M Leslie, Garo Khanarian: Microdisperse polymer/liquid crystal composite. Hoechst Celanese, Depaoli & O Brien, September 26, 1989: US04869847 (23 worldwide citation)

A novel composite of liquid crystal droplets having a diameter of no more than 0.1 micron dispersed in a synthetic resin matrix is disclosed. The novel material does not scatter light to any appreciable degree.

Garo Khanarian
Garo Khanarian, Donald Raskin, Alan Buckley, Gordon W Calundann, Anthony J East: Copolymeric nonlinear optical media. Hoechst Celanese, Depaoli & O Brien, September 18, 1990: US04957655 (15 worldwide citation)

In a preferred embodiment this invention provides a second order nonlinear optical film medium which consists of a thermoplastic copolymer which has a crystallographic molecular alignment, and a net dipolar molecular orientation normal to the film plane. The crystallographic molecular alignment is f ...

Shankar M V
Gopi Chandran Ramachandran, Mukunda Srinivas Adyam, Shankar Madras Venugopal, Anant Achyut Setlur, Alok Mani Srivastava, Holly Ann Comanzo, Venkatesan Manivannan, William Winder Beers: Phosphors containing oxides of alkaline-earth and group-13 metals, and light sources incorporating the same. General Electric Company, Fletcher Yoder, July 18, 2006: US07077980 (8 worldwide citation)

A phosphor comprises europium, at least two alkaline-earth metals, and at least a Group-13 metal. In one embodiment, the phosphor has a formula selected from the group consisting of Sr4-a-zAaEuzD12O22 and Sr4-a-zAaEuzD14O25; wherein A is at least an alkaline-earth metal other than strontium; D is an ...

Garo Khanarian
Jeffrey Lawrence Daecher, Steven David Fields, Garo Khanarian, Alan Daniel Stein: Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet. Rohm and Haas Company, S Matthew Cairns, October 29, 2002: US06472031 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an apparatus for formation of high quality plastic sheet in a continuous fashion. Also disclosed are a variety of optical and electronic display applications for high quality plastic sheet produced in a continuous fashion.

Nathaniel Brese
Nathaniel E Brese, Vaddi Butchi Reddy: Alkali iodide doped zinc sulfide electroluminescent phoshor. Osram Sylvania, William H McNeill, July 18, 2000: US06090311 (8 worldwide citation)

An electroluminescent phosphor containing an alkali iodide dopant, such as lithium iodide or potassium iodide, and having CIE coordinates of x=0.173 to 0.187 and y=0.392 to <0.424. The phosphor without alkali iodide dopant has CIE coordinates of x.apprxeq.0.180 to 0.184 and y.apprxeq.0.424 to 0.426. ...

Shyam Venkataraman
Raman Vijay Immanuel, Li Yuzhuo, Schade Christian, Venkataraman Shyam Sundar, Yu Shen Eason Su, Usman Ibrahim Sheik Ansar: [fr] COMPOSITION CHIMIQUE DE POLISSAGE MÉCANIQUE COMPRENANT DE LACIDE DE POLYVINYLE PHOSPHONIQUE ET SES DÉRIVÉS, [en] CHEMICAL MECHANICAL POLISHING COMPOSITION COMPRISING POLYVINYL PHOSPHONIC ACID AND ITS DERIVATIVES. Raman Vijay Immanuel, Li Yuzhuo, Schade Christian, Venkataraman Shyam Sundar, Yu Shen Eason Su, Usman Ibrahim Sheik Ansar, BASF SE, BASF, June 27, 2013: WO/2013/093557 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) composition comprising: (A) inorganic particles, organic particles, or a mixture or composite thereof, (B) at least one type of an organic polymeric compound as a dispersing agent or charge reversal agent comprising a phosphonate (P(=O)(OR1)(OR2) ) or phosp ...


Shankar M V
Hancu Dan, Mukunda Adyam, Radkov Emil, Kumar Prasanth, Setlur Anant Achyut, Srivasatava Alok Mani, Comanzo Hilly Ann, Chandran Gopi, Shankar Madras Venugopal: Phosphor and blends thereof for use in leds. Gelcore, June 11, 2008: EP1928978-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Phosphor compositions having the formula EueMmAaGgQqNnXx, where M is at least one of Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Cd, Sn, Pb or Zn; A is at least one of B, Al, Ga, In, Bi, Sc, Y, La or a rare earth element other than Eu; G is at least one of Si or Ge; Q is at least one of O, S, and Se; X is at least one of F ...