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A thin adhesive coated film dressing is provided with the adhesive surface covered by a release paper in three sections to facilitate the application of the dressing to the wound site. The construction of the dressing provides for the center section of the release paper to be removed to expose the c ...

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This invention relates to a moisture-vapor-permeable pressure-sensitive adhesive material for use on animal skin and nails, e.g. a surgical drape, suture strip or sheet, adhesive dressing, bandage, plaster, strapping tape, decorative nail covering, or decorative cosmetic product. The adhesive materi ...

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A pressure-sensitive sheet construction having particular utility as a durable, reusable bulletin board surface, comprises a substrate bonded to at least one surface thereof a binder material; partially embedded in the exposed surface of the binder and protruding therefrom are inherently tacky elast ...

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A pressure-sensitive adhesive-coated relatively thin, conformable polymeric film with a releasable layer attached to the surface of the film opposite to that containing the adhesive, which layer is attached in a more tenacious manner than a release liner covering the adhesive of the film.

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A laminated label and method of labeling an article is disclosed and the label comprises a layer of transparent plastic film having a layer of transparent pressure sensitive adhesive on one face thereof, and a layer of paper having a release coating on one surface thereof is applied to the adhesive ...

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Porosity (preferably microporosity) can be introduced into a polymeric film by (1) dispersing finely divided particles of a non-hygroscopic inorganic salt such as calcium carbonate into a suitable polymer, e.g., by milling, (2) forming a film of the filled polymer, and (3) stretching the film to pro ...

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Novel structures suitable for the formation of waterproof and/or adhesive layers on surfaces, particularly of concrete, the structures comprising a sheet-like substrate and contiguous thereto a membrane of a water-proofing pressure-sensitive adhesive. The substrate may be a sheet-like support having ...

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An improved method of seaming to bond carpet strips (3) and a composite adhesive tape used for this purpose comprising a substrate layer (1), and a hot-melt type adhesive layer (20,22,22A) containing therein a high frequency inductor powder (20A,22). Alternatively provided is a composite adhesive ta ...

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A sheet material having at least one adhesive surface or one non-slip surface, respectively, and provided with slits which allow the sheet material to expand in at least one direction.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To keep enough chip space in expanding process after wafer dicing in a adhesive sheet having a wafer fixing function and a die adhesion function, and to realize high anti-reflow-crack for a semiconductor device that uses the adhesive sheet.SOLUTION: This adhesive sheet is provi ...