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Inorganic material particles such as titanium dioxide (10) pigment particles (12) are dispersed in an aqueous medium with a polyelectrolyte pigment dispersant (20). A selected, relatively hard, polymeric latex (40), which adsorbs onto the surface of the inorganic material particles in the presence o ...

Karen Buechler
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The present invention provides a method for carrying out high temperature thermal dissociation reactions requiring rapid-heating and short residence times using solar energy. In particular, the present invention provides a method for carrying out high temperature thermal reactions such as dissociati ...

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A sol-gel process of producing durable alpha alumina-based ceramic particularly useful as abrasive grain from alpha alumina monohydrate is improved by the addition of a nucleating agent. Improved abrasive products containing the durable ceramic abrasive grains are also provided.

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The hardness and microstructure of aluminous abrasives produced from alumina gels are enhanced by introduction of seed material as by wet vibratory milling of the material with alumina media, or by the direct addition of very fine alpha alumina particles in the amount of 1% or less.

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Sulfur containing organosilicon compounds having the formula:Z--Alk--S.sub.n --Alk--Zin which Z is: ##SPC1##Where R.sub.1 is alkyl of 1 to 4 carbon atoms cyclohexyl or phenyl and R.sub.2 is alkoxy of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, cycloalkoxy of 5 to 8 carbon atoms or alkylmercapto of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, alk ...

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Disclosed is an improved process for preparing a composite compact wherein a mass of abrasive crystals, a mass of metal carbide, and a bonding medium are subjected to a high-temperature/high pressure process for providing a composite compact. The sintered carbide mass supports the mass of abrasive c ...


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A blast media for stripping contaminants from a solid surface comprises water soluble abrasive particles and a surfactant which reduces the amount of water soluble residues of blast media remaining on the targeted surface and which enables any residues which remain to be readily removed by fresh wat ...

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A process for preparing aqueous pigmented ink jet inks with improved properties, comprising the steps of (a) charging a rubber two-roll milling apparatus with a pigment and a polymeric dispersant; (b) milling to obtain a dispersion of pigment with polymeric dispersant; and (c) dispersing the dispers ...