Kevin Rodzinak
Jeannie M Arruda, Brian T Campbell, Nicholas D P Cosford, Jacob M Hoffman, Essa H Hu, Mark E Layton, Yiwei Li, Jun Liang, Kevin J Rodzinak, Tony Siu, Brian A Stearns, Lida R Tehrani, Mark T Bilodeau, Peter J Manley: Inhibitors of Akt activity. Merck Sharp & Dohme, Matthew A Leff, David A Muthard, March 22, 2011: US07910561 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to compounds which contain substituted naphthyridines which inhibit the activity of Akt, a serine/threonine protein kinase. The invention is further directed to chemotherapeutic compositions containing the compounds of this invention and methods for treating cancer ...

Moeckli Peter Dr: Cationic iminazoleazodyestuffs. Ciba-Geigy, June 5, 1996: EP0714954-A2 (209 worldwide citation)

Cpds. (I) of formulae (A-NR1-Z-NR2)n-X (IA), A-NR1-Z1-N=N-KK (IB) and A-NR1-Z2-NR2-A1 (IC); and cpds. of formula A-NR1-Z-NR2-H (II), all of which contain 4-(imidazolium-2-azo)-phenyl gp(s)., are claimed. In the formulae, A and A1 = are each a 4-(imidazolium-2-azo)-phenyl gp. of formula (III); Z is a ...

Peter Mockli: Cationic imidazole azo dyes. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation, Kevin T Mansfield, January 13, 1998: US05708151 (203 worldwide citation)

The cationic imidazole azo dyes of the formulae ##STR1## in which A and A.sub.1 independently of one another are each a radical of the formula ##STR2## Z is the radical of an aliphatic or aromatic diamine, R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are each hydrogen or substituted or unsubstituted C.sub.1 -C.sub.4 alkyl o ...

Joseph E Johnson, James A Belmont: Colored pigment and aqueous compositions containing same. Cabot Corporation, November 17, 1998: US05837045 (199 worldwide citation)

A surface-modified colored pigment is disclosed which includes a colored pigment having no primary amines and at least one attached hydrophilic organic group, wherein said organic group comprises a) at least one aromatic group, and b) at least one ionic group or ionizable group, or a mixture of an i ...

Alan S Waggoner, Swati R Mujumdar, Ratnakar B Mujumdar: Fluorescent labeling complexes with large stokes shift formed by coupling together cyanine and other fluorochromes capable of resonance energy transfer. Carnegie Mellon University, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, December 28, 1999: US06008373 (192 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides low molecular weight fluorescent labeling complexes with large wavelength shifts between absorption of one dye in the complex and emission from another dye in the complex. These complexes can be used, for example, for multiparameter fluorescence cell analysis using a s ...

Peter Loeliger: Stilbene derivatives. Hoffmann La Roche, Jon S Saxe, George M Gould, William H Epstein, April 20, 1982: US04326055 (177 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to 5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-naphthyl or indanyl stilbene derivatives which are useful as tumor inhibiting agents, in the treatment of neoplasms, dermatological conditions and rheumatic illnesses.

James D Mayo, James M Duff, Cheng K Hsiao, Sandra J Gardner, Barkev Keoshkerian: Hydroxygallium phthalocyanine imaging members and processes. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, December 5, 1995: US05473064 (161 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of hydroxygallium phthalocyanine which comprises hydrolysis of halogallium phthalocyanine precursor to a hydroxygallium phthalocyanine, and conversion of said resulting hydroxygallium phthalocyanine to Type V hydroxygallium phthalocyanine by contacting said resulting hy ...

Horst Berneth, Thomas Bocker, Henry Giera, Alison J Murray, Hans Ulrich Siegmund: Electro chemical biosensor containing diazacyanine mediator for co-enzyme regeneration. Bayer Corporation, Jerome L Jeffers, February 2, 1999: US05866353 (151 worldwide citation)

A variety of diazacyanine mediators that are soluble in aqueous media and which do not inhibit enzymatic activity are provided for use on the surface of a working electrode of a electrochemical biosensor for electrochemical co-enzyme regeneration. The co-enzyme, dihydronicotinamide adenine dinucleot ...

Richard A Burt, Cheng Kuo Hsiao, Dasarao Murti, Roger E Gaynor, Barkev Keoshkerian, James D Mayo, George Liebermann: Processes for the preparation of hydroxygallium phthalocyanine. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, May 28, 1996: US05521306 (126 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of Type V hydroxygallium phthalocyanine which comprises the in situ formation of an alkoxy-bridged gallium phthalocyanine dimer, hydrolyzing said alkoxy-bridged gallium phthalocyanine dimer to hydroxygallium phthalocyanine, and subsequently converting the hydroxygallium ...

Barret Jean Pierre, Jourdan Gerard, Harbonn Jacques: Process of high reliability for communications between a master installation and secondary installations and device for carrying out this process. February 20, 1973: US3717844 (107 worldwide citation)

A process of transmission wherein each transmitted message is constituted by sequences containing element of information numerically coded by amplitude modulation of a carrier wave through at least one subcarrier oscillation. The coded values of each subcarrier oscillation are selected between two v ...