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Methods of continuously forming and suspending consolidatable resin composition coated particulate material in a gelled aqueous carrier liquid and transporting the coated particulate material by way of the gelled aqueous carrier liquid to a zone in which the sand is consolidated. In accordance with ...

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Discloses a technique for modifying an epoxy resin by reacting with addition copolymerizable monomer in the presence of at least 3% of benzoyl peroxide at about 110.degree. C. to 120.degree. C., or the free radical initiating equivalent thereof. The reaction mixture obtained contains:

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A fast curing high solids coating composition that is useful for coating the interiors of cans and a method of applying such high solids coatings to the interiors of food and beverage cans by spraying from a hot-melt spray gun are the subject of this invention; the coating composition is a blend of: