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Polymer blends containing (i) 0.2-95% by weight of a high molecular weight .beta.-hydroxybutyric acid homo- or copolymer and (ii) a polymer containing at least 25% by weight of chlorine or nitrile groups, such as chlorinated polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, or a high acrylonitrile resin.

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The present invention is directed to a process of atom (or group) transfer radical polymerization for the synthesis of novel homopolymer or a block or graft copolymer, optionally containing at least one polar group, with well defined molecular architecture and narrow polydispersity index, in the pre ...

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A film is provided which comprises a thermoplastic resin A having a substituted or non-substituted imide group at a side chain of the resin A, and a thermoplastic resin B having a substituted or non-substituted phenyl group and a nitrile group at a side chain of the resin B. The film has a retardati ...

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Thermoplastic compositions comprise blends of 25 to 65 parts by weight of thermoplastic SAN resin and 75 to 35 parts by weight of a nitrile rubber per 100 total parts by weight of resin and rubber, in which the rubber is present as a dispersion of particles of the rubber in a matrix of the SAN resin ...

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Reduced gloss polycarbonate graft polymer blends are provided by a process which involves compounding styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer in the presence of an electrophilic reagent and preferably an acid to form gels, and then compounding the resultant gels with polycarbonate, a styrene-acrylonitrile c ...


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The composition comprises (i) a block copolymer of an aromatic vinyl compound and a conjugated diene compound, which is modified by reaction with an unsaturated dicarboxylic acid or a derivative thereof, or an ionically cross-linked product of the modified block copolymer with univalent, bivalent or ...

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This invention relates to transparent materials that are capable of absorbing liquids, and, more particularly, to materials that can be used as ink-receptive layers for transparent imageable materials. Transparent materials that are capable of absorbing significant quantities of liquid, while mainta ...

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Improved Portland cement compositions and their use in cement coating operations is disclosed wherein acrylic polymers modified by critical amounts of propylene glycol, a coloring ingredient and a defoaming agent such as dimethyl polysiloxane are used as additives substantially increasing the flexib ...

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Polymeric blends having excellent dimensional stability and an improved balance of properties are prepared by intimately mixing certain selectively hydrogenated block copolymers with polymers and copolymers of 4-methyl-1-pentene under conditions where at least partial continuous networks which inter ...