Sandeep Tyagi
Agarwal Naveen, Gaggar Satish Kumar, Gupta Deval, Gupta Samik, Krishnamurthy Raja, Kumaraswamy Ramya, Totad Rajashekhar Shiddappa, Tyagi Sandeep: Polymer compositions, method of manufacture, and articles formed therefrom. General Electric Company, November 3, 2006: KR1020067013152

A polymer composition is disclosed, which comprises a matrix polymer, a fluoropolymer that may be at least partially encapsulated by an encapsulating polymer, and a filler. Methods for making the polymer compositions and articles made of such compositions are also disclosed. The compositions and art ...


Stiene Matthias, Von Tiedemann Birgit, Roders Jamie, Macgregor Lucy, Mcaleer Jerry, Mcneilage Alan: Paste, which can undergo screen printing, for producing a porous polymer membrane for a biosensor. Inverness Medical, October 9, 2002: EP1246688-A1 (125 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a paste, which can undergo screen printing, for producing a porous polymer membrane. Said paste contains at least one polymer, one or more solvents for the polymer having a boiling point of > 100 DEG C, one or more non-solvents for the polymers (pore-forming agents) having a ...

Della Valle Francesco Dr, Romeo Aurelio Prof: Crosslinked carboxy polysaccharides.. Fidia, November 15, 1989: EP0341745-A1 (122 worldwide citation)

Inter and/or intramolecular cross-linked esters of acid polysaccharides are disclosed in which a part or all of the carboxy groups are esterified with hydroxyl groups of the same molecule and/or of different molecules of the acid polysaccharide. These inner cross-linked esters of polysaccharide acid ...

Lay Gustav, Rehm Johannes, Stepto Robert Frederick Thomas, Thoma Markus: Polymeric materials made from destructurized starch and at least one synthetic thermoplastic polymeric material.. Warner Lambert Co, August 9, 1989: EP0327505-A2 (102 worldwide citation)

A blended polymeric material as obtained from a melt comprising a water-containing destructurized starch and at least one essentially water-insoluble synthetic thermoplastic polymer.

Ivan Tomka: Thermoplastically processable starch and a method of making it. Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, November 8, 1994: US05362777 (99 worldwide citation)

In order to produce thermoplastically processable starch, an additive or plasticizer respectively is mixed with native or natural starch and the mixture is caused to melt by the application of heat and mechanical energy. The additive is a substance which lowers the melting point of the starch so tha ...

Meier Kurt Dr, Eugster Giuliano, Schwarzenbach Franz, Zweifel Hans Dr: Curable composition and use thereof.. Ciba-Geigy, November 28, 1984: EP0126712-A1 (94 worldwide citation)

1. A curable composition containing a) a material which can be polymerised by free radicals or cations, mixtures of these materials or a material which can be polymerised by free radicals and cations, b) at least one iron compound of the formula I [(R**1 )(R**2 Fe**II )a ]**+a a/q (LQm )**-q in whic ...

Yen Steven N, Osterholtz Frederick D: Hydrogels from radiation crosslinked blends of hydrophilic polymers and fillers. Union Carbide Corporation, Moran W R, August 19, 1975: US3900378 (81 worldwide citation)

Particulate, Free-Flowing, Insoluble Swellable Polymers are provided which are comprised of a mixture of an insoluble, swellable hydrogel and inert filler. The mixtures are free-flowing powders or granules which can absorb many times their weight of water and hence are useful as a soil amendment.

Hashimoto Mikio Mitsui Petroch, Ueda Takasi, Kawasaki Masaaki, Moriya Satoru, Mizuno Akira, Fukuoka Daisuke, Imuta Junichi, Hirose Keiji, Saito Junji Mitsui Petrochemic, Kiso Yoshihisa: Propylene polymer composition.. Mitsui Petrochemical, April 5, 1995: EP0646624-A1 (74 worldwide citation)

A propylene polymer composition composed of a propylene polymer (A1) produced by using a metallocene catalyst and having a melt flow rate (MFR) of 0.01-30 g/10 min, a propylene polymer (A2) having an MFR of 30-1,000 g/10 min and, if necessary, a flexible polymer, wherein the ratio of the MFR of the ...

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A thermoplastic resin composition is disclosed for use as structural, packing and other industrial materials. The composition essentially comprises thermoplastic resins, wood materials, synthetic, inorganic or regenerated fibrous materials and preferably synthetic or natural rubbery materials.