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An activated, substantially water soluble poly(ethylene glycol) is provided having of a linear or branched poly(ethylene glycol) backbone and at least one terminus linked to the backbone through a hydrolytically stable linkage, wherein the terminus is branched and has proximal reactive groups. The f ...

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Coating compositions, methods and articles of manufacture comprising a nanoparticle system employing same to impart surface modifying benefits for all types of soft surfaces, and in some cases, hard surfaces, are disclosed. In some embodiments, dispersement of nanoparticles in a suitable carrier med ...

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A binder composition for fibrous mats, preferably inorganic fibrous mats, which is fire resistant when cured is provided. The binder composition comprises a stable mixture of an aqueous aldehyde condensation polymer-based resin, a fire retardant latex and, optionally, an effective amount of an aqueo ...

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Solid golf balls are formed from a molding composition comprising (1) a polybutadiene blend of (A) a polybutadiene synthesized using a nickel and/or cobalt base catalyst and having a Mooney viscosity of 70 to 100 with (B) less than 50 parts by weight of a polybutadiene synthesized using a lanthanide ...

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The present invention relates to transparent coating compositions containing a binder and 0.5 to 25 wt. %, based on resin solids, of a material consisting of nanoscale primary particles obtained by jet dispersion of the nanoscale particles in the coating composition. The present invention also relat ...

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Colored waxes are made by reacting selected nucleophiles, including alcohol containing colorants with an isocyanate are disclosed. A phase change ink is made by blending the colored wax with a clear ink carrier composition. The clear ink carrier composition can be a fatty amide-based material and/or ...

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What is disclosed are hard, abrasion resistant, tintable/dyeable coating compositions which are based on siloxane/silica hybrid coating resins. These materials are especially useful on transparent plastic substrates.

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A waterbased coating composition containing about 10-30% by weight of film forming binder dispersed in an aqueous carrier; wherein the binder contains

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