Bhawna Kulshreshtha Sandeep Tyagi
Tyagi Sandeep, Anand Vishal, Kulshreshtha Bhawna, Preschilla Nisha, Venkateswaran Natarajan, Biswas Amit: Polyolefin composition having high melt strength. Reliance, Tyagi Sandeep, Anand Vishal, Kulshreshtha Bhawna, Preschilla Nisha, Venkateswaran Natarajan, Biswas Amit, MADAN Jose A, May 7, 2009: WO/2009/057131

The invention relates to filled polyolefin compositions having improved mechanical and surface properties and to a process for preparing them. The invention provides a composition of polyolefin reinforced with filler(s), impact modifier(s) and a fibrous sub micron structured material, the compositio ...

Bhawna Kulshreshtha
KULSHRESHTHA BHAWNA, MONNISSEN LUC, BLAYAC LAURENT: Bimodal polyethylene composition for injection moulded articles, Bimodale Polyethylen-Zusammensetzungen für Spritzgussanwendungen, Composition de polyéthylène bimodale pour articles moulés par injection. BOREALIS, January 4, 2012: EP2402391-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

Bimodal high density polyethylene composition for producing moulded articles comprising - an ethylene homopolymer or an ethylene alpha-olefin copolymer which is a bimodal high density polymer (COMPONENT A) in combination with - an alpha nucleating agent (COMPONENT B), - a slip agent being a primary ...

Thurn Friedrich, Burmester Kurt, Pochert Johannes, Wolff Siegfried: Rubber compositions containing silica and an organosilane. Deutsche Gold und Silber Scheideanstalt vormals Roessler, Cushman Darby & Cushman, March 25, 1975: US3873489 (197 worldwide citation)

Sulfur containing organosilicon compounds having the formula:Z--Alk--S.sub.n --Alk--Zin which Z is: ##SPC1##Where R.sub.1 is alkyl of 1 to 4 carbon atoms cyclohexyl or phenyl and R.sub.2 is alkoxy of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, cycloalkoxy of 5 to 8 carbon atoms or alkylmercapto of 1 to 8 carbon atoms, alk ...

Abolins Visvaldis: Glass reinforced polyester resins containing polytetrafluoroethylene and flame retardant additives. General Electric Company, June 20, 1972: US3671487 (172 worldwide citation)

Flame retardant thermoplastic molding compositions are provided comprising a normally flammable linear polyester, filamentous glass, a flame retardant agent and a polytetrafluoroethylene resin. The use of the polytetrafluoroethylene resin controls dripping and permits the flame retardant agent to be ...

Seiner Jerome A: Slow release films and methods of making same. PPG, April 11, 1972: US3655129 (118 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are various coatable films which have entrapped within their polymeric matrix minute droplets of a liquid non-solvent. The polymeric matrix and non-solvent are chosen such that there is effected about the film a controlled release of the non-solvent from the film. Utility lies in ch ...

Clendinning Robert A, Potts James E, Cornell Stephen W: Transplanter containers made from biodegradable-environmentally degradable blends. Union Carbide Corporation, O Connell James J, November 25, 1975: US3921333 (108 worldwide citation)

Biodegradable-environmentally degradable transplanter containers are formed from a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer, e.g., poly(epsilon-caprolactone) or poly(ethylene adipate), and an environmentally degradable normally-solid ethylene polymer based composition.

Jonas Friedrich Dr, Karbach Alexander Dr, Muys Bavo, Van Thillo Etienne, Wehrmann Rolf Dr, Elschner Andreas Dr, Dujardin Ralf Dr: Conductive coatings. Bayer, December 13, 1995: EP0686662-A2 (105 worldwide citation)

Mixts. of (a) neutral polythiophenes (I) with recurring units of formula (IA) and (b) organic cpds. (II) contg. 2 or more OH and/or COOH gps. or amide or lactam gps., are claimed. In (I), R1,R2 = H or 1-4C alkyl; or R1 + R2 = 1-4C alkylene; pref. methylene, opt. substd. by alkyl; 1,2-ethylene, opt. ...

Birbaum Jean Luc Dr, Rody Jean Dr, Slongo Mario Dr, Valet Andreas Dr, Winter Roland A E Dr: Stabilized organic material.. Ciba-Geigy, June 26, 1991: EP0434608-A1 (97 worldwide citation)

o-Hydroxyphenyl-s-triazines of the formula I in which n is 1 to 4 and R1 to R7 are as defined in claim 1, can be used, in combination with sterically hindered amines of the polyalkylpiperidine type, for stabilizingorganic polymers. Some of these compounds are novel and can also be used without polya ...

Meier Kurt Dr, Eugster Giuliano, Schwarzenbach Franz, Zweifel Hans Dr: Curable composition and use thereof.. Ciba-Geigy, November 28, 1984: EP0126712-A1 (94 worldwide citation)

1. A curable composition containing a) a material which can be polymerised by free radicals or cations, mixtures of these materials or a material which can be polymerised by free radicals and cations, b) at least one iron compound of the formula I [(R**1 )(R**2 Fe**II )a ]**+a a/q (LQm )**-q in whic ...

Pattison Dexter Brayton: Fluoroelastomer composition. E I du Pont de Nemours and Company, April 8, 1975: US3876654 (94 worldwide citation)

A fluoroelastomer composition which has beneficial utility in the manufacture of cured fluoroelastomer articles having good resistance to compression set can be prepared by blending the following components: (A) an elastomeric copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and another fluorinated monomer, and (B) ...