Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies Dr Raj C Thiagarajan ATOA Scientific Technologies
Ravi Sriraman, Chinniah Thiagarajan, Ajay Taraiya: Reflective polymeric article and manufacture. SABIC Innovative Plastic IP, Cantor Colburn, December 10, 2009: US20090305030-A1

In one embodiment, the method for making a polymer article comprises: orienting polymer chains in one direction more than any other direction to form an oriented article, contacting the oriented article with a foaming agent, and foaming the material to form the reflective polymer article comprising ...

Rajiv Banavali
Gene Kelly Norris, Rajiv Manohar Banavali: High-melting wax useful for sintering metals. Rohm And Haas Company, October 7, 2004: US20040198946-A1

A wax containing the reaction product of (a) a C6-C12 linear dicarboxylic acid; and (b) a diamine of formula H2N(CH2)nNH2, wherein n is an integer from 2 to 6, and the molar ratio of the C6-C12 linear dicarboxylic acid to the diamine is from 0.97 to 1.06.

J Milton Harris, Michael David Bentley, Xuan Zhoa, Xiaoming Shen: Hydrolytically degradable polymers and hydrogels made therefrom. Shearwater Corporation, Alston & Bird, February 19, 2002: US06348558 (157 worldwide citation)

A water soluble polymer is provided having two or more oligomers linked to each other by hydrolytically degradable carbonate linkages. The polymer can be hydrolytically degraded into oligomers (e.g., oligomers of ethylene oxide) under physiological conditions. The polymer can be conjugated to biolog ...

Jean M J Frechet, Craig J Hawker, Athena E Philippides: Dendritic molecules and method of production. Cornell Research Foundation, Bruce F Jacobs, August 20, 1991: US05041516 (125 worldwide citation)

Dendritic macromolecules and a novel convergent process for producing the same are disclosed. The convergent process enables the accurate control and design of the surface functionality of the macromolecule.

Processes for preparing polyesters. Eastman Kodak Co, October 16, 1968: GB1130558-A (78 worldwide citation)

1,130,558. Polyesters. EASTMAN KODAK CO. 7 Dec., 1965 [7 Dec., 1964], No. 51885/65. Heading C3R. In the manufacture of linear polyesters by reacting an aliphatic diester of a dicarboxylic acid or carbonic acid with a dihydroxy compound at least 10 mol per cent of which consists of a 2:2:4:4-tetraalk ...

Improved linear polyesters. Kodak, September 28, 1966: GB1044015-A (77 worldwide citation)

In the manufacture of linear polyesters by reacting a dialkyl ester of a dicarboxylic acid or carbonic acid with a 2:2:4:4-tetraalkyl-1:3-cyclobutanediol, there is used as catalyst an organo-tin compound or a stannous ester. Specified organic tin compounds are dialkyl tin oxides, dichlorides, dibrom ...

Vetter Heinz Dr: Polycarbonate plastic panel.. Roehm, June 13, 1984: EP0110221-A2 (75 worldwide citation)

1. Plastics board, consisting of a core layer of polycarbonate plastics containing not more than 0.5% by weight of a UV absorber, and consisting, on at least one side of the core layer, of a covering layer of plastics, coextruded with the core layer, containing at least 3% by weight of a UV absorber ...

Yasuhiro Oshino, Tatsuya Kanno: Two-step process for the preparation of a (co)polycarbonate by transesterification. Daicel Chemical, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, March 12, 1996: US05498688 (73 worldwide citation)

A process for the preparation of a (co)polycarbonate having an excellent hue, heat resistance, residence to hydrolysis and impact resistance by transesterification with the use of an aparatuses of a low price. In the first step, a dihydroxy compound is reacted with a carbonic diester in a reactor ha ...

Tatsuya Kanno, Yutaka Hukuda, Yasuhiro Oshino: (Co)polycarbonate and process for producing the same. Daicel Chemical, Flynn Thiel Boutell & Tanis, February 27, 1996: US05494992 (73 worldwide citation)

A processes for producing a (co)polycarbonate having a low terminal hydroxyl group concentration and being excellent in heat resistance and hue, which comprises melt-polycondensing a dihydroxy compound with a carbonic diester in the presence of a catalyst for transesterification selected from the gr ...