Brian Goodall
Larry Funderburk Rhodes, Brian Leslie Goodall, Scott Collins: Reaction injection molding (RIM) of methyl (meth)acrylate and related monomers using group-4 catalysts. Daniel J Hudak, Nestor W Shust, Thoburn T Dunlap, September 16, 1997: US05668234 (4 worldwide citation)

Acrylate monomers such as methyl methacrylate, or other suitable monomers such as lactams, lactones, or acrylamides, are polymerized by reaction injection molding (RIM) utilizing a combination of organo group-4 catalysts, e.g., a neutral organo catalyst and a cationic organo catalyst. Preferably a L ...

Rao S Bezwada, Angelo G Scopelianos: Elastomeric medical device. Ethicon, Hal Brent Woodrow, November 21, 1995: US05468253 (504 worldwide citation)

Medical devices or components for medical devices formed from bioabsorbable elastomers comprising a random copolymer are disclosed. The random copolymer is a copolymer of from about 30 to about 70 weight percent of: a) .epsilon.-caprolactone, trimethylene carbonate, an ether lactone, or a mixture of ...

Jeffrey A Hubbell, Chandrashekhar P Pathak, Amarpreet S Sawhney, Neil P Desai, Jennifer L Hill: Photopolymerizable biodegradable hydrogels as tissue contacting materials and controlled-release carriers. Board of Regents The University of Texas System, Kilpatrick & Cody, April 25, 1995: US05410016 (484 worldwide citation)

Hydrogels of polymerized and crosslinked macromers comprising hydrophilic oligomers having biodegradable monomeric or oligomeric extensions, which biodegradable extensions are terminated on free ends with end cap monomers or oligomers capable of polymerization and cross linking are described. The hy ...


Schneider Allan K: Polylactide sutures. Ethicon, January 25, 1972: US3636956 (350 worldwide citation)

Absorbable surgical sutures that are dimensionally stable within the body may be prepared by the extrusion of polylactide polymer, including copolymers of L(-) lactide with up to 35 mole percent of glycolide. Said polymers are characterized by an inherent viscosity of at least 1.0, and the extruded ...

Sylwester Gogolewski: Poly(L-lactide-co-glycolide) copolymers, methods for making and using same, and devices containing same. Synthes, Jones Day, June 8, 2004: US06747121 (307 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates in general to implantable, resorbable copolymers containing L-lactide and glycolide repeat units, and in particular to terpolymers containing L-lactide, glycolide, and one other type of repeat unit selected from the group consisting of D-lactide, D,L-lactide, and &egr;- ...

Donald J Casey, Louis Rosati: Polyesters containing alkylene oxide blocks as drug delivery systems. American Cyanamid Company, Alice C Brennan, November 21, 1989: US04882168 (240 worldwide citation)

The invention is a slow release drug delivery system comprising a drug and an ABA or AB block copolymer wherein one block (B) is a poly(alkylene oxide) and the other blocks (A) are comprised of degradable random copolymers of (1) the cyclic ester of an alpha-hydroxy acid and (2) a second cyclic este ...

Richard G Sinclair, Edward S Lipinsky: Degradable polymer composition. Ecopol, Sheridan Ross & McIntosh, March 26, 1996: US05502158 (223 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are degradable materials which include a nontoxic hydrolytically degradable polymer and nontoxic modifier, wherein the modifier is compatible with the polymer and the modifier is nonvolatile and nonfugitive. Also disclosed are processes for forming the various degradable materials, which i ...

Casey Donald James, Epstein Martin: Process for polymerizing a substantially pure glycolide composition. American Cyanamid Company, Dunn James T, October 14, 1975: US3912692 (222 worldwide citation)

A process for polymerizing a glycolide composition comprising heating a mixture of a substantially pure glycolide with certain small quantities of inositol and the polymeric material thus produced.

Patrick R Gruber, Jeffrey J Kolstad, Christopher M Ryan, Eric S Hall, Robin S Eichen Conn: Paper having a melt-stable lactide polymer coating and process for manufacture thereof. Cargill Incorporated, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, December 12, 1995: US05475080 (218 worldwide citation)

A lactide polymer coating resulting in a strong, repulpable, high gloss, paper coating. The lactide polymer comprises a plurality of poly(lactide) polymer chains, residual lactide in concentration of less than about 5 percent and water in concentration of less than about 2000 parts-per-million. A pr ...