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Differentiation between grinding wheels which are dimensionally stable in use and which remove stock to specification tolerances and polishing wheels which are flexible and which primarily do not remove stock but which "fill the valleys with the hills" call for different development. This invention ...

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1343606 Pigment dispersion IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd 14 Jan 1972 [11 Feb 1971] 4445/71 Heading B1V [Also in Divisions C3 and C4] A composition suitable for use in the manufacture of paints and printing inks comprises a finely divided dispersion of a pigment having a particle size of less than ...


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1,221,728. Colouring PVC; stoving lacquer. J. R. GEIGY A.G. 10 July, 1968 [11 July, 1967], No. 32819/68. Headings C3P and C3R. [Also in Divisions B2 and C4] In Examples 27, 28 and 31 the pigment of the formula is used to colour polymer compositions containing (a) PVC, dioctylphthalate, dibutyl tin d ...

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