Anubhav Saxena
Kendall Louis Guyer, Kenrick Martin Lewis, Sentihilkumar Umapathy, Anubhav Saxena, Yi Feng Wang: Hydrophilic silicone monomers, process for their preparation and thin films containing the same. Momentive Performance Materials, McDonald Hopkins, April 1, 2014: US08686099 (1 worldwide citation)

There is provided a mono-(meth)acrylate functionalized hydrophilic silicone monomers containing a polyether with branched linking group, useful in making water absorbing silicone-hydrogel films for contact lens applications. This invention also provides homo-polymers and copolymers made from the mon ...

Philip L Keogh, Jay F Kunzler, Gregory C C Niu: Hydrophilic contact lens made from polysiloxanes which are thermally bonded to polymerizable groups and which contain hydrophilic sidechains. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Robert M Phipps, Frank C Parker, April 7, 1981: US04260725 (275 worldwide citation)

A water absorbing, soft, hydrophilic, flexible, hydrolytically stable, biologically inert contact lens with the capability of transporting oxygen sufficiently to meet the requirements of the human cornea comprising a polysiloxane which is .alpha.,.omega. terminally bonded through divalent hydrocarbo ...

Jay Kunzler, Richard Ozark: Fluorosilicone hydrogels. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, David M Krasnow, June 14, 1994: US05321108 (215 worldwide citation)

Novel fluorosiloxane-containing monomers are disclosed which are especially useful for the preparation of biomedical materials such as contact lenses.

Philip L Keogh, Jay F Kunzler, Gregory C C Niu: Hydrophilic contact lens made from polysiloxanes containing hydrophilic sidechains. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Robert M Phipps, Frank C Parker, March 31, 1981: US04259467 (196 worldwide citation)

A hydrolytically stable, biologically inert, transparent, hydrophilic, contact lens comprising a polysiloxane containing hydrophilic sidechains is disclosed.

Douglas G Vanderlaan, Marcie Hargiss: Silicone hydrogel polymers. Johnson & Johnson Vision Products, Anne B Kiernan, October 5, 1999: US05962548 (150 worldwide citation)

A silicone hydrogel polymer prepared by curing a reaction mixture comprising a hydroxyalkylamine-functional silicone-containing monomer.

Richard C Chromecek, William G Deichert, Joseph J Falcetta, Martin F VanBuren: Polysiloxane/acrylic acid/polcyclic esters of methacrylic acid polymer contact lens. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Robert M Phipps, Frank C Parker, June 30, 1981: US04276402 (130 worldwide citation)

Monomeric polysiloxanes end-capped with activated unsaturated groups polymerized with acrylic acid and a comonomer comprising a polycyclic ester of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid to form a hydrophilic, water absorbing contact lens is disclosed. These polysiloxane polymer contact lenses are unexpec ...

Karl F Mueller, Paul Harisiades: UV- and heat curable terminal polyvinyl functional macromers and polymers thereof. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Luther A R Hall, June 6, 1989: US04837289 (129 worldwide citation)

New polysiloxanes are described which bear at least three vinyl groups. Such polyvinyl polysiloxanes are useful as heat or UV curing resins with high cross link density and are especially useful as coatings and in the manufacture of contact lens materials.

Sing Hsiung Chang: Hydrophilic, soft and oxygen permeable copolymer composition. January 8, 1980: US04182822 (119 worldwide citation)

A new composition of matter specially adapted for the production of contact lenses, artificial eyes or other prosthetic devices. The composition has the characteristics of increased hydrophilicity, softness after hydration and oxygen permeability. The composition is a solid copolymer of comonomers c ...

Edward J Ellis, Jeanne Y Ellis: Fluorine containing polymeric compositions useful in contact lenses. Polymer Technology Corporation, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, August 11, 1987: US04686267 (113 worldwide citation)

Improved contact lens compositions are achieved through incorporation of a fluorine containing mono or diester of itaconic acid in siloxane polymeric contact lens compositions. Copolymers include components which modify contact lens mechanical, optical and transport properties as well as surface cha ...

Samuel Q S Lin, Steven T Nakos: UV curable silicone rubber compositions. Loctite Corporation, Walter J Steinkraus, Eugene F Miller, June 23, 1987: US04675346 (104 worldwide citation)

Compositions of (a) a silicone resin characterized by an intermediate region free of acrylic groups, at least 150 siloxane units long, and terminal acrylic groups; (b) at least 10% of a fumed silica filler; and (c) a photoinitiator, can be cured by UV irradiation to tough elastomeric materials usefu ...

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