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A homogenous blend is formed of different water soluble polymer types, for instance of particular addition and condensation polymers, by forming one of the polymers from its monomeric starting material by polymerisation in a solution of the other polyer. The resultant solution has a concentration of ...

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A curable composition of a monomeric heterocyclic acrylic or methacrylic ester and an acrylate or methacrylate polymer is used to promote tissue repair, especially cartilage repair. The monomer has the formula: where R = H or CH3 X = 3 to 6 membered heterocyclic ring @@m = 0, 1 or 2.

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An impact resistant nitrogenous polymer comprises a multiphase amine-reactive moiety-containing polymer grafted to a polycarbonamide containing recurring amide linkages as an integral part of the polymer chain; the grafting, by reaction of an amine-reactive moiety of the polymer with an amine end gr ...

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A particulate polymer composition comprising core/shell polymer particles in a size range between 2 and 15 micrometers, and having a core with a refractive index close to, but not identical with, that of a matrix polymer and an outer shell compatible with the matrix polymer, imparts light-diffusing ...

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A spray process for the deposition of carboxyl-containing adhesive latices as discrete droplets wherein the droplets are maintained as raised, spaced deposits on the substrate for lamination is provided. The adhesive latex is sprayed at a low viscosity but prior to contact with the substrate the vis ...

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Water insoluble polymer is prepared by sequential emulsion polymerization in which an acid polymer core is at least partially encased in a sheath polymer. The sheath is permeable to volatile base, such as ammonia, to permit swelling of the core upon at least partial neutralization. The polymer may b ...

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A negative working photosensitive lithographic printing plate is disclosed, which comprises a support having thereon at least one photosensitive layer containing a polymeric binder having repeating units represented by formula (I): wherein R represents a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; R represents ...

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A thermoplastic or thermoset polymer composition comprises a thermoplastic or thermoset matrix polymer and substantially spherical polymer particles having an average diameter of from 2 to 15 micrometers, and a particle size distribution such that at least 90% by weight of the particles fall within ...