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Polymerisate von polycyclischen Olefinen der Formeln I bis IV mit einer Viskositätszahl grösser 20 cm /g und einer Glastemperatur oberhalb 100 DEG C erhält man ohne Ringöffnung mit einer hohen Polymerisationsgeschwindigkeit bei technisch günstigen Polymerisationstemperaturen mittels eines Katalysato ...

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A photoresist includes a copolymer of one or more bicycloalkene derivatives with maleic anhydride and/or vinylene carbonate, and has a molecular weight of 3000 to 100,000. The bicycloalkene derivative is a 5-norbornene- or bicyclo 2.2.2oct-5-ene-2-carboxylic acid or ester. The photoresist can be use ...

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A film including semi-crystalline cycloolefin copolymers which have a content of catalyst residues of <100 ppm and their use as capacitor films, reproduction films, film keyboards and film switches, substrates for liquid crystal displays and packaging films.

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A process for effectively producing a cyclic olefin polymer and a cyclic olefin/alpha-olefin copolymer without opening the cyclic olefin, is disclosed. Further, a novel cyclic olefin/alpha-olefin copolymer prepared by the above-mentioned process, compositions and molded articles comprising the novel ...

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In accordance with the present invention, there are provided novel heterobifunctional monomers and users for the same. Invention compounds have many of the properties required by the microelectronics industry, such as, for example, hydrophobicity, high Tg values, low dielectric constant, ionic purit ...

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The present invention relates to a process for preparing a cycloolefin copolymer by polymerization of at least one cyclic olefin and at least one acyclic olefin in the presence of a catalyst comprising at least one metallocene compound of the formula I, ##STR1## where L is a .pi.-ligand, L' is a .pi ...

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This invention is addressed to olefin polymers having antioxidant properties which are prepared by Ziegler polymerization of one or more monomers containing ethylenic unsaturation along with a polymerizable antioxidant monomer in the form of a substituted norbornene in which at least one substituent ...

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Cycloolefin/alpha-olefin copolymers in a molar ratio from 5/95 to 95/5, optionally including long linear alpha-olefin, branched alpha-olefins and/or polyenes as additional comonomers, are prepared using a cyclopentadienyl metallocene catalyst system based on a transition metal compound from Group 4 ...

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In accordance with the present invention, there are provided cycloolefin random copolymers composed of ethylene and cycloolefin and containing substantially no polyethylene, and processes for preparing the same. Optical disc substrates prepared from the above-mentioned copolymers are excellent in tr ...

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The present invention relates to a stereorigid metallocene compound containing, as ligands, at least two substituted or unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl groups which are bonded to one another via a monocyclic or polycyclic ring system, where at least one cyclopentadienyl group is fused to the monocycl ...