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Metal coordination complexes comprising a metal of Group 3 (except Sc), 4-10 or the lanthanide series and a delocalized PI -bonded moiety have said moiety substituted with a constrain-inducing moiety which reduces the angle at the metal between the centroid of said PI -bonded moiety and at least one ...

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Catalysts comprising (a) derivatives of mono, bi and tricyclopentadienyl coordination complexes with a transition metal and (b) and an alumoxane are employed in a process of producing polyolefins of controlled molecular weight.

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A catalyst is prepared by combining a first compound consisting of a bis(cyclopentadienyl)metal compound having one of the following general formulae: 1. (A-Cp)MX1X2 2. (A-Cp)M @@@@'2 3. (A-Cp)ML 4. (Cp*)(Cp @@@X1 Wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium, zirconium and ha ...

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A catalyst is prepared by combining a bis(cyclopentadienyl)zirconium compound which may be represented by one of the following general formulae: (A-Cp)MX1X2 (A-Cp)MX'1X'2 (A-Cp)ML; and (Cp*)(CpR)MX1 wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr) and hafnium ...

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The invention is a catalyst system including a Group IV B transition metal component and an alumoxane component which may be employed to polymerize olefins to produce a high molecular weight polymer.

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Spherical catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins comprising a titanium compound and optionally an electron-donor supported on anhydrous magnesium chloride, characterized by a surface area between 20 and 250 m/g, a porosity between 0.25 and 0.5 cc/g, and an X-ray spectrum where the mag ...

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The metallocenes of the formula I according to the invention in which the substituents have the following preferred meanings: M is Zr or Hf, R and R are alkyl or halogen, R and R are hydrogen, R and R are alkyl or haloalkyl, -(CRR)m-R-(CRR)n- is a chain with one or more than one members in which R c ...

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Metal complexes useful as components of addition polymerization catalysts are prepared by oxidizing Group 3-10 or Lanthanide metal containing complexes using an organic halide oxidizing agent.

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In Ziegler catalysts based on a metallocene as the transition-metal component and on an aluminoxane as activator, preactivation of the metallocene by means of the aluminoxane results in a significant increase in the activity of the catalyst system. Furthermore, use of a catalyst system of this type ...

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Polymerisate von polycyclischen Olefinen der Formeln I bis IV mit einer Viskositätszahl grösser 20 cm /g und einer Glastemperatur oberhalb 100 DEG C erhält man ohne Ringöffnung mit einer hohen Polymerisationsgeschwindigkeit bei technisch günstigen Polymerisationstemperaturen mittels eines Katalysato ...