Jennifer Petoff
Rosemarie Palmer Lauer, Jennifer Lynn Petoff: Aqueous multistage emulsion polymer composition. Rohm And Haas Company, February 3, 2005: US20050027079-A1

An aqueous multistage emulsion polymer formed by the free radical polymerization in at least two stages of, in each stage, at least one ethylenically unsaturated nonionic acrylic monomer, the polymer in two of the stages having glass transition temperatures (Tg) differing by at least 10 ° C.; the po ...

Stevens James C, Timmers Francis J, Wilson David R, Schmidt Gregory F, Nickias Peter N, Rosen Robert K, Knight George W, Lai Shih Yaw: Constrained geometry addition polymerization catalysts, processes for their preparation, precursors therefor, methods of use, and novel polymers formed therewith.. Dow Chemical, March 13, 1991: EP0416815-A2 (544 worldwide citation)

Metal coordination complexes comprising a metal of Group 3 (except Sc), 4-10 or the lanthanide series and a delocalized PI -bonded moiety have said moiety substituted with a constrain-inducing moiety which reduces the angle at the metal between the centroid of said PI -bonded moiety and at least one ...

Ewen John Alexander, Welborn Howard Curtis Jr: Process and catalyst for polyolefin density and molecular weight control.. Exxon Research Engineering Co, December 27, 1984: EP0129368-A1 (420 worldwide citation)

Catalysts comprising (a) derivatives of mono, bi and tricyclopentadienyl coordination complexes with a transition metal and (b) and an alumoxane are employed in a process of producing polyolefins of controlled molecular weight.

Lapointe Robert E, Stevens James C, Nickias Peter N, Mcadon Mark H: Homogeneous olefin polymerization catalyst by ligand abstraction with lewis acids.. Dow Chemical, December 30, 1992: EP0520732-A1 (292 worldwide citation)

Addition polymerization catalysts having a limiting charge separated structure corresponding to the formula: LMX XA, wherein: L is a derivative of a substituted delocalized PI -bonded group imparting a constrained geometry to the metal active site and containing up to 50 nonhydrogen atoms; M is a me ...

Turner Howard William: Catalysts, method of preparing these catalysts and method of using said catalysts.. Exxon Chemical Patents, August 3, 1988: EP0277004-A1 (273 worldwide citation)

A catalyst is prepared by combining a first compound consisting of a bis(cyclopentadienyl)metal compound having one of the following general formulae: 1. (A-Cp)MX1X2 2. (A-Cp)M @@@@'2 3. (A-Cp)ML 4. (Cp*)(Cp @@@X1 Wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium, zirconium and ha ...

Turner Howard William, Hlatky Gregory George: Catalysts, method of preparing these catalysts, and polymerization processes wherein these catalysts are used.. Exxon Chemical Patents, August 3, 1988: EP0277003-A1 (238 worldwide citation)

A catalyst is prepared by combining a bis(cyclopentadienyl)zirconium compound which may be represented by one of the following general formulae: (A-Cp)MX1X2 (A-Cp)MX'1X'2 (A-Cp)ML; and (Cp*)(CpR)MX1 wherein: M is a metal selected from the Group consisting of titanium (Ti), zirconium (Zr) and hafnium ...

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Catalysts for the polymerization of alpha-olefins which comprise the reaction product of: a) an Al-alkyl compound; b) a silicon compound containing at least one Si-OR or Si-OCOR or Si-NR2 bond, R being a hydrocarbyl radical; c) a solid comprising as essential support, a Mg dihalide in active form an ...

Ewen John A, Elder Michael J: Preparation of metallocene catalysts for polymerization of olefins.. Fina Technology, May 8, 1991: EP0426637-A2 (222 worldwide citation)

This invention uses a new method of producing ionic metallocene compounds. These compounds are useful as catalysts for polymerization of olefins, primarily propylene. This method uses an ionizing agent which ionizes the neutral metallocene compound. The ionizing ionic compound does not contain an ac ...

Ewen John A, Elder Michael J: Metallocene catalysts with lewis acids and aluminum alkyls.. Fina Technology, May 15, 1991: EP0427697-A2 (205 worldwide citation)

This invention is for a catalyst system comprising a neutral metallocene compound, an aluminum alkyl and a Lewis acid. The Lewis acid must be of sufficient acidity to ionize a neutral metallocene compound to form a cationic metallocene catalyst. The ligands of the Lewis acid should not be reactive w ...

Canich Jo Ann Marie: Olefin polymerization catalysts.. Exxon Chemical Patents, April 3, 1991: EP0420436-A1 (192 worldwide citation)

The invention is a catalyst system including a Group IV B transition metal component and an alumoxane component which may be employed to polymerize olefins to produce a high molecular weight polymer.