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A method for determining how to humanize a rodent antibody or fragment thereof by resurfacing, said method comprising: (a) determining the conformational structure of the variable region of said rodent antibody or fragment thereof by constructing a three-dimensional model of said rodent antibody var ...

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Polypeptides that are cleared from the kidney and do not contain in their original form a Fc region of an IgG are altered so as to comprise a salvage receptor binding epitope of an Fc region of an IgG and thereby have increased circulatory half-life.

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A modulator material is disclosed which has been isolated from macrophage cells that have been incubated with a stimulator material from an invasive stimulus. The modulator material comprises a protein that exhibits the ability to substantially completely suppress the activity of the anabolic enzyme ...

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The sequences of 5' ESTs derived from mRNAs encoding secreted proteins are disclosed. The 5' ESTs may be to obtain cDNAs and genomic DNAs corresponding to the 5' ESTs. The 5' ESTs may also be used in diagnostic, forensic, gene therapy, and chromosome mapping procedures. Upstream regulatory sequences ...

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Utilization of albumin as a stable plasma transporter with a therapeutic function that is derived from a membrane receptor. The present invention is exemplified by the description of new therapeutic agents that can be used in the treatment of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: hybrid macromolecules ...

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The invention relates to genetically engineered soluble fusion proteins consisting of human proteins or parts thereof not belonging to the immunoglobulin family and various portions of the constant region of immunoglobulin molecules. The functional properties of both fusion components are surprising ...

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A cytotoxic protein expressed by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells is isolated in essentially homogenous form. This protein may be used to elicit production of polyclonal or monoclonal anti-cytotoxin antibodies. Hybridomas secreting anti-cytotoxin antibodies are identified by a solid phase bi ...