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Chimeric multi-subunit receptors are provided involving a binding region resulting from the organization of two subunit chains and a non-binding region which may have physiological significance. Particularly, chimeric immunoglobulins are provided having variable regions from one species and constant ...

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Recombinant DNA techniques are used to produce both immunoglobulins which are analogous to those normally found in vertebrate systems and to take advantage of these gene modification techniques to construct chimeric or other modified forms.

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A variant of a polypeptide comprising a human IgG Fc region is described, which variant comprises an amino acid substitution at amino acid position 329, or at two or all of amino acid positions 329, 331 and 322 of the human IgG Fc region. Such variants display altered effector function. For example, ...

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The invention relates to bispecific and oligospecific, mono- and oligovalent receptors which are prepared by genetic manipulation by fusion of DNA coding for F(ab) fragments of the antibodies of two or more different specificities, using suitable linkers. Preferably one of these specificities is dir ...

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This invention relates to multichain polypeptides or proteins and processes for their production in cells of host organisms which have been transformed by recombinant DNA techniques. According to a first aspect of the present invention, there is provided a process for producing a heterologous multic ...

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The invention relates to a DNA fragment containing a determined gene, the expression of which inhibits the antibiotic and herbicidal effects of Bialaphos and related products. It also relates to recombinant vectors, containing such DNA fragment, which enable this protective gene to be introduced and ...

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A family of cDNA sequences derived from hepatitis C virus (HCV) are provided. These sequences encode antigens which react immunologically with antibodies present in individuals with non-A non-B hepatitis (NANBH), but which generally are absent from individuals infected with hepatitis A virus (HAV) o ...

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Described is a polypeptide comprising one or more zinc fingers. The polypeptide binds to new polynucleotide subsites with high affinity and consequently has a binding specificity that differs from wild type zinc finger proteins. The binding occurs through contacts between certain amino acid residues ...

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A new virus, Hepatitis C virus (HCV), which has proven to be the major etiologic agent of blood-borne NANBH, was discovered by Applicant. The initial work on this virus, which includes a partial genomic sequence of the prototype HCV isolate, is described in EPO Pub. No. 318,216, and PCT Pub. No. WO/ ...

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The invention relates generally to DNA sequences encoding chimeric polypeptides comprising extracellular portions of cytokine receptor polypeptides attached to a sequence encoding portions of IgG polypeptides. The invention relates generally, as well, to DNA sequences encoding chimeric polypeptides ...