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A process for reacting (1) a component selected from the group consisting of sterols and branched aliphatic primary or secondary alcohols having 14 to 32 carbon atoms, and (2) a component selected from the group consisting of fatty acids and fatty acid esters in contact with an enzyme selected from ...

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Compounds of formula (I) : in which, inter alia, R is H or C1-8alkyl and M is O or S, processes for their preparation, pharmaceutical compositions containing then and their use as inhibitors of 5- alpha -reductase in the treatment in the reduction of prostate size.

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A1 alpha -hydroxy vitamin D3 derivative of the formula: where R1 is a hydroxyl group, an amino group or the group: OR min (where R min is a lower alkyl group having 1 to 7 carbon atoms that may or may not be substituted by a hydroxyl group, a halogen atom, a cyano group, a lower alkoxy group having ...

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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Methacryloxy- und/oder Acryloxygruppen aufweisenden flüssigkristallinen Polyorganosiloxanen durch Umsetzung von Organosiloxanen und/oder zu Organosiloxanen kondensierbaren Organosilanen mit jeweils direkt an Siliciumatome gebundene ...

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A method for the N-dealkylation of tertiary amines which involves replacing an N-alkyl group of the tertiary amine with a vinyloxycarbonyl group by reaction with, for example, vinyl chloroformate to form a vinyloxycarbonyl amide, followed by cleavage with, for example, a mild acid to split off the v ...

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Compounds of formula (I) in which X, X and X are hydrogen, halogen, CF3, C1-6alkyl, OH, C1-6alkoxy, CN, NO2, N(R)2, CHO or CO2R; A is O or S, n is 0 or 1, R is H or C1-8alkyl and R is alpha -H, alpha -OH, or alpha -acetoxy and beta =WCOR, beta -alkOR; or =CHWCOR or =CHWOR; furanyl or alpha -H and be ...

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Cholesterol fatty acid esters, where the fatty acid is chosen from an essential fatty acid, or from parinaric or columbinic acids may be used in therapy, especially in the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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1.alpha.-Hydroxyergocalciferol and method for preparing same. The compound is characterized by antirachitic activity comparable to that of the D-vitamins and finds application in situations where the D-vitamins are now being used.

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The present invention relates to a new method of preparing 2-iodo triterpenoid and related compounds via the reaction of the corresponding 1 ene-3-ones in the presence of iodine and pyridine in an ether solvent. The method is particularly suited to steroids such as cholesterol derivatives and pentac ...

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1. The products of formula I : see diagramm : EP0245170,P90,F1 in which R1 represents an alkynyl radical having from 2 to 8 carbon atoms optionally substituted by a radical selected from the radicals, hydroxyl, halogen, trialkylsilyl, alkoxy, alkylthio, dialkylamino and oxo, R2 represents an alkyl r ...