John Yamamoto Rajiv Banavali
Rajiv Manohar Banavali, Randall Wayne Stephens, John Hiroshi Yamamoto: H, B, Preparation of M. Rohn and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, July 21, 2009: US07563934

A method for producing MnB12H12, wherein M is a metal or ammonium cation and n is one or two, by combining a metal borohydride and XBH3; wherein X is a substituted amine; a substituted phosphine; or tetrahydrofuran.

Jeff T Suri: Fluorescent dyes for use in glucose sensing. Glumetrics, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 26, 2008: US07417164 (248 worldwide citation)

A novel class of compounds that includes HPTS-Cys-MA, and methods of making them are disclosed herein. The class of compounds including HPTS-Cys-MA are useful as fluorescent dyes for analyte detection.

Robert K Rosen, Daniel D VanderLende: Highly soluble olefin polymerization catalyst activator. The Dow Chemical Company, July 6, 1999: US05919983 (234 worldwide citation)

A catalyst activator, comprising a cation which is a Bronsted acid capable of donating a proton, and an inert, compatible, noncoordinating, anion, characterized by a solubility constant at 25.degree. C. in hexane, cyclohexane or methylcyclohexane of at least 5 weight percent.

Karl Heinz Altmann, Ren e Imwinkelried, Albert Eschenmoser: Carbocyclic nucleosides containing bicyclic rings, oligonucleotides therefrom, process for their preparation, their use and intermediates. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Ronald J Campbell, Kevin T Mansfield, March 11, 1997: US05610300 (231 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the formulae I and Ia and their racemates ##STR1## in which A is --CH.sub.2 -- or --CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 --, R.sub.1 is hydrogen or a protective group, R.sub.2 is hydrogen or a protective group or a radical forming a phosphorus-containing nucleotide bridge group and B is a purine or pyrimi ...

Michel Schneider, Bernard Lamy: Process for the dehydration of a colloidal dispersion of lipsomes. Battelle Memorial Institute, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, October 21, 1980: US04229360 (165 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a process for the dehydration of a colloidal dispersion of liposomes in an aqueous liquid medium, this process being aimed at extending the conservation of the liposomes and to enable their efficient use at a later date.

Barry D Sears: Synthetic phospholipid compounds. Lipid Specialties, Richard P Crowley, January 17, 1984: US04426330 (150 worldwide citation)

Novel synthetic phospholipid compounds, the compounds having the structural formula: ##STR1## where X is a hydrogen or alkyl group, n can vary from about 0 to 200, m can vary from 2 to 10, and R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are saturated or unsaturated acyl radicals.

Bernard F Spielvogel, Anup Sood: Boronated phosphoramidate compounds. Bell Seltzer Park & Gibson, December 21, 1993: US05272250 (95 worldwide citation)

A class of pharmaceutically active boronated compounds are provided. The boronated compounds include boronated phosphoramidates, and boronated nucleosides, and oligomers thereof. The compounds are boronated by an aminoalkyl substituted polyborane, carborane, metallopolyborane or metallocarborane.

Ernst Billig, Anthony G Abatjoglou, David R Bryant, Rex E Murray, John M Mather: Transition metal complex catalyzed reactions. Union Carbide Corporation, R J Finnegan, July 8, 1986: US04599206 (82 worldwide citation)

Transition metal-diorganophosphite complex catalyzed carbonylation processes, especially hydroformylation, as well as transition metal-diorganophosphite ligand complex compositions, diorganophosphite ligands and transition metal-diorganophosphite catalysts.

Shine K Chou: Process for removing surface oxides from activated carbon catalyst. Monsanto Company, Frank D Shearin, November 25, 1986: US04624937 (71 worldwide citation)

An improved process is provided for the selective production of secondary amines and primary amines by bringing together under reaction conditions a tertiary amine or a secondary amine with oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas in the presence of an activated carbon catalyst, the improvement which comp ...

Hugh A O Hill, Monika J Green: Electrochemical assay for cis-diols. Medisense, April 11, 1989: US04820636 (66 worldwide citation)

The invention disclosed relates to an electrochemical assay which is particularly concerned with an assay for the presence of, or amount of, glycosylated haemoglobin in a blood sample, but which extends to a general assay for detecting the presence of, monitoring the level of or determining the conc ...