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Retinoid-like activity is exhibited by compounds of the formula where X is S, O, or NR' where R' is hydrogen or lower alkyl; R is hydrogen or lower alkyl; A is pyridyl, thienyl, furyl, pyridazinyl, pyrimidinyl or pyrazinyl; n is 0-5; and B is H, -COOH or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, ester or ...



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A fulgimide derivative of the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1, R.sup.2, R.sup.3 are independently alkyl cycloalkyl aryl etc.; R.sup.4 is thienyl, indolyl, furyl, etc.; X is a divalent organic residue; and R is amino, OH, etc., or a vinyl group, has a photochromic action and can be used for produci ...

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Piperidine compounds having the general general Formula I wherein R is a) a group consisting of alkyl, alkenyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkenyl, phenyl, cycloalkylalkyl, cycloalkenylalkyl, phenylalkyl or diphenylalkyl linked to the piperidyl N-atom through an at least 2 membered spacer group or; b) a group ...



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1395907 The antibiotic pseudomonic acid BEECHAM GROUP Ltd 9 June 1972 [12 [12 June 1971] 27653/71 Heading C2C A mixture of compounds, substantially without other components two of which compounds are pseudomonic acid and its isomer having the Formula I and a third component is pseudomonic acid I hav ...


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The present invention is directed to novel 2-amino-quinoline derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD), mild cognitive impairment, senility and / or dementia. The compounds of the present invention are inhibitors of β-secretas ...