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The invention encompasses the novel compound of Formula I as well as a method of treating cyclooxygenase-2 mediated diseases comprising administration to a patient in need of such treatment of a non-toxic therapeutically effective amount of a compound of Formula I. ##STR1## The invention also encomp ...

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Compounds of the formula: Ar1 - X - Ar - Z - (R)n min and salts thereof, wherein Ar1 is a nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen heterocyclic ring or aromatic ring; Ar is a phenyl ring or a nitrogen, oxygen or sulfur heterocyclic ring; Ar and Ar1 may be fully substituted or less than fully substituted with H, CH3 ...

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The compounds of the formula in which A, R, R, R and R have the meaning stated in Claim 1, in the form of optically pure diastereomers, mixtures of diastereomers, diastereomeric racemates or mixtures of diastereomeric racemates, and pharmaceutically utilisable salts thereof, inhibit the action of th ...


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Die Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formel worin X und Y -CH2- oder >C(CH3)2; Z einen Rest -CHR-, >CO, >CROR, -CHR-CHR-, -CHOR-CH2-, -CO-CHOR- oder -CHOR-CHOR- darstellt; R einen 5- oder 6-gliedrigen, mono-cyclisch-heterocyclischen Rest darstellt, der durch Halogen, nieder-Alkyl, nieder-Alkoxy, Acyloxy ...

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Verbindungen der allgemeinen Formel worin X -CH = CH-, -O- oder -S- ist; R ein Rest Ar-R oder -CH = CH-C(CH3) = CH-R; Ar Phenyl, Pyridyl, Furyl oder Thienyl; R ein Rest -CO2R , -C(O)R, -CH2OR , nieder-Alkylsulfonyl oder Formyl; R ein Rest -CO2R , -C(O)R, -CH2OR oder Formyl; R Wasserstoff oder nieder ...

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An anticoagulant agent which comprises, as an active ingredient, an aromatic amidine derivative represented by the following general formula (1) or a salt thereof: wherein the group represented by is a group selected from indolyl, benzofuranyl, benzothienyl, benzimidazolyl, benzoxazolyl, benzothiazo ...

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The new compounds of formula (I) (where A, R1, Ra and R2 are defined in the description) can be manufactured by processes known per se and used as the active ingredients of drugs.

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6-Hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-[3-methylpyrrolidino]ethoxy)benz oyl]be n zo[b]thiophene, its ethers and esters, and the physiologically acceptable acid addition salts thereof, and 6-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-[4-(2-piperidinoethoxy)benzoyl]benzo[b ]-thiophen e, its ethers and esters, and t ...

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L'invention a pour objet des dérivés de benzofuranne, benzothiophène, indole ou indolizine de formule générale : dans laquelle : Het représente l'un des groupements dans lesquels : T, T' et T" représentent notemment un groupement : X représente -O- ou -S- Y représente un radical Ces dérivés sont uti ...