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Pro-drugs of potent 5-lipoxygenase inhibiting compounds comprise compounds of the formula in which A is an alkylene or alkenylene group, X is oxygen, sulfur, sulfoxyl, or substituted nitrogen, and Y is a group which includes substituted or unsubstituted carbocyclic or substituted or unsubstituted he ...

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A series of hetero-oxy alkanamines are effective pharmaceuticals for the treatment of conditions related to or affected by the reuptake of serotonin and by the serotonin 1A receptor. The compounds are particularly useful for alleviating the symptoms of nicotine and tobacco withdrawal, and for the tr ...

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The present invention relates to new 2-Phenyl-1-Ä4-(2-Aminoethoxy)-BenzylÜ-Indole compounds which are useful as estrogenic agents, as well as pharmaceutical compositions and methods of treatment utilizing these compounds, which have the general structures below:

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The present invention relates to novel bicyclic benzamide derivatives having pharmacological activity, processes for their preparation, to compositions containing them and to their use in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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This invention has for its object to provide a method of inducing a transition in crystalline state of a crystallizable medicinal substance with great ease and improved efficiency and uniformity on a high production scale. According to the invention, an extruder is used for inducing a transition fro ...


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The invention relates to new piperazine derivatives of the formula wherein A is an optionally substituted bicyclic hetero aryl radical, n has the value 1 or 2, R1 and R2 are hydrogen or alkyl (1-3C). A is -CH2-CH2- or -CH(CH3)-CH2- and B is an optionally substituted aryl or hetero aryl group, an alk ...

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Derivate des 3-Amino-1,2-propandiols der Formel in welcher Ar gegebenenfalls substituiertes Aryl, n die Zahl 0 oder 1 und alk Alkylen mit 2-5 Kohlenstoffatomen bedeuten, wobei das Stickstoffatom und das Sauerstoffatom oder, falls n für Null steht, der Phenylrest durch mindestens zwei Kohlenstoffatom ...

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Indole derivatives, compositions including same, and methods utilizing same for the treatment of amyloid associated diseases, such as type II diabetes mellitus, Alzheimer's dementia or diseases, systemic and localized amyloidosis, and prion-related encephalopathies are provided.

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Indole derivatives characterized by having a 1,3,4,9-tetrahydropyrano[3,4-b]indole or 1,3,4,9-tetrahydrothiopyrano[3,4-b]indole nucleus bearing a substituent in position 1, said substituent incorporating an acid, ester or amide function therein, are disclosed. The nucleus is further substituted at p ...