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The present invention relates to physiologically active water soluble polyethylene glycol conjugates with interferon and to new polyethylene glycol compounds which can be used in the preparation of the conjugates.

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There are disclosed compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is ##STR2## R.sup.1 is hydrogen, lower alkyl or ##STR3## a is 1-3; b is 1-3;

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Ester polyphenols such as the tris(bisphenol A) ester of trimellitic acid are prepared by the reaction of the corresponding aromatic poly(acyl halide) with a dihydroxyaromatic compound such as bisphenol A. They may be employed in the preparation of branched polycarbonates via chloroformate oligomer ...

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A polyalkylene carbonate, an alternating copolymer, may be prepared by the ring opening of an alkene oxide or an alkene oxide precursor in the presence of carbon dioxide or any substance delivering carbon oxide, in the presence of at least one catalyst comprising a metal-organic framework material, ...

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Disclosed is a process for producing an aromatic carbonate or aromatic carbonate mixture by a transesterification reaction between a starting material selected from a dialkyl carbonate, an alkyl aryl carbonate and a mixture thereof and a reactant selected from an aromatic hydroxy compound, an alkyl ...

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Sulphonium salts of the formula in which R, R and R are identical to or different from one another and represent aliphatic and/or aromatic radicals which may contain heteroatoms, or two of the radicals R to R are linked to one another to form a ring, with the proviso that at least one of the radical ...

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Compounds of the general formula A- @-B wherein A is a bicyclic 1-one-2-ene-3-ol-2-yl residue; B is an aryl or heteroaryl group optionally bearing substituents; and salts, enolethers and enolesters thereof, and methods of producing such compounds and using such compounds as herbicides are disclosed.

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Enol derivatives of 2-aryl-1,3-cycloalkanedione compounds exhibit outstanding herbicidal and acarcidal activity.

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Dialkyl carbonates can be prepared in a continuous manner by transesterification of ethylene carbonate or propylene carbonate with alcohols in the presence of a catalyst in a column equipped with packing or baffles, by passing the reactants in countercurrent such that the ethylene carbonate or propy ...

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A novel chiral liquid crystalline compound having an optically active group and a liquid crystal composition containing the same are provided, which compound is expressed by the general formula ##STR1## wherein R is a linear chain or branched alkyl group of 1.about.18 C; l is 0 or 1; X is COO or --O ...