Tamaki Kazuhiko, Yamaguchi Takahiro, Oda Kozo, Terasaka Naoki, Nakai Daisuke, Nakadai Masakazu: (Ja) 2以上の置換基を有するベンゼン化合物, (En) Benzene compound having 2 or more substituents. Daiichi Sankyo Company, Tamaki Kazuhiko, Yamaguchi Takahiro, Oda Kozo, Terasaka Naoki, Nakai Daisuke, Nakadai Masakazu, YAGUCHI Toshiaki, May 4, 2006: WO/2006/046593 (45 worldwide citation)

(EN) Disclosed is an excellent LXR modulator. Specifically disclosed is a compound represented by the general formula (I) below or the like. (I) [In the formula, R1 represents a -COR9 (wherein R9 represents an alkyl, optionally substituted alkoxy or optionally substituted amino); R2 represents an H, ...

Gapinski Darrel Mark: Anti-inflammatory agents.. Lilly Co Eli, July 27, 1988: EP0276064-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

This invention provides benzene derivatives which are leukotriene antagonists, formulations of those derivatives, intermediates for preparing the derivatives, and a method of using those derivatives for the treatment of conditions characterized by an excessive release of leukotrienes.



Janulis Eugene P C O Minnesota: Fluorine-containing chiral smectic liquid crystals.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, February 3, 1988: EP0255236-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

Compounds are provided which comprise a fluorocarbon terminal portion and a chiral hydrocarbon terminal portion, said terminal portions being connected by a central core, said compounds having tilted smectic mesophases or having latent tilted smectic mesophases which develop when said compounds havi ...

Bowden Keith, Bushey Dean F, D Silva Themistocles, Gant Daniel B, Herman Nancy D, Pettit Simon Neil, Ray Nicholas Ch, Smith Philip Henry G: Phtalazin derivatives and their use as pesticides.. Rhone Poulenc Agriculture, January 18, 1995: EP0634404-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

The invention provides compounds of formula: wherein the symbols are as defined in the description, which possess utility as pesticides (e.g. herbicides and insecticides).


Murray William V, Wachter Michael P: Pharmacologically active 2-and 3-substituted (1, 5-diaryl-3-pyrazolyl)-n-hydroxypropanamides and method for synthesizing.. Ortho Pharma, November 30, 1988: EP0293220-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

2- and 3-substituted (1 min ,5 min -diaryl-3 min -pyrazolyl)-N-hydroxypropanamides, a method for their preparation, compositions containing the same and methods of their use are disclosed. The N-hydroxypropanamides are useful in alleviating inflammatory and cardiovascular disorders in mammals.

Kodama Hiroki, Katsuhira Takeshi, Nishida Tateki, Hino Tomokazu, Tsubata Kenji: Process for the preparation of 2-halobenzoic acids. Nihon Nohyaku, January 22, 2003: EP1277726-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a process for producing 2-halobenzoic acids of the general formula (I), characterized by reacting a benzoic acid of formula (II) with a halogenating agent in the presence of Pd catalyst: (wherein A is -OH, -OM (M is alkali metal), -N(R)R (R and R are each H, C1-C6 alky ...