Dan Miller
Daniel N Miller, Neal D Domel, Cole W Schemm: Exhaust plume heat effect reducing method and apparatus. Lockheed Martin Corporation, April 5, 2012: US20120079803-A1

An apparatus for reducing heating effects of an exhaust plume of a jet engine on an impinged surface includes fluid injectors disposed adjacent and aimed into an exhaust plume zone that's to be occupied by an exhaust plume when the engine is running. A flow generator transmits fluid flow into such a ...

Donald J Cunningham: Passenger automotive restraint generator. Morton International, Gerald K White, August 21, 1990: US04950458 (107 worldwide citation)

An impact extruded perforated aluminum housing contains a two-stage gas generator having a perforated bulkhead positioned between the stages. Each stage includes a combustion chamber having an igniter and pyrotechnic charge therein with cooling and filter screens surrounding the combustion chamber. ...

Timmerman Hubert G, Catanzarite Vincent O: Gas generator composition and method. Specialty Products Development Corporation, Christie Parker & Hale, January 28, 1975: US3862866 (90 worldwide citation)

A deflagrating composition yielding a gas comprising principally carbon dioxide and water vapor comprises a substantially homogeneous mixture of powders preferably having an average particle size less than about 25 microns. The composition has an oxygen bearing oxidizing powder and an organic reduci ...

Minoru Hayashi, Mitoshi Matsufuji, Sakae Takahashi, Koichi Kamiji, Kouichi Kobari, Junichi Kishimoto, Michio Shioda, Masaaki Kawaguchi: Air bag inflation gas generator. Nippon Koki, Kalish & Gilster, November 5, 1991: US05062367 (69 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an air bag inflation gas generator to feed gas for inflation of air bags such as air bags for absorbing collision shocks, life jackets, rafts, and escape chutes. The air bag inflation gas generator according to the present invention has a combustion chamber comprising a bot ...

Hendrickson Roger R, Munson William O, Reed Russell, Shaw Graham C: Low temperature nitrogen gas generating composition. Thiokol Chemical Corporation, June 26, 1973: US3741585 (65 worldwide citation)

A relatively low temperature nitrogen gas generating composition containing (A) metallic azides and (B) reactants therefor, such as, the metallic sulfides, metallic iodides, organic iodides, organic chlorides, metallic oxides and sulfur.

Reiner Lenzen: Igniter for airbag propellant grains. TRW Vehicle Safety Systems, Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, April 9, 1991: US05005486 (52 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for igniting a gas generating propellant grain which is susceptible to shattering when suddenly exposed to pressure above a predetermined pressure. The apparatus comprises a housing having a peripheral side surface, an axial end surface and a longitudinal central axis. An ignitable mate ...

Jack D Breazeale: Gas generating composition. United Technologies Corporation, Steven F Stone, January 6, 1976: US03931040 (46 worldwide citation)

A solid composition capable of self-sustained combustion to produce gaseous nitrogen and nonvolatile solids as its combustion products comprises a mixture of a first metal azide and the oxide or salt of a second metal which second metal is below the first metal in the electrochemical series and whic ...

Donald R Lauritzen, David J Green, Joseph L Ralston: Inflator for a vehicle airbag system and a pyrogen igniter used therein. Morton International, Henry W Tarring II, Gerald K White, April 22, 1997: US05623115 (45 worldwide citation)

An elongated gas generator, or inflator, includes a pyrogen igniter mounted at one end thereof. The pyrogen igniter encloses a unitary grain of ignition material having a centrally located cavity. An initiator, or squib, is located to ignite the unitary grain at the surface of its centrally located ...

Pressurized compositions and method of preparation therefor. Rexall Drug Chemical, November 12, 1969: GB1170152-A (45 worldwide citation)

1,170,152. Crackling cosmetics. REXALL DRUG & CHEMICAL CO. 9 Jan., 1967 [10 Jan., 1966], No. 1202/67. Heading A5B. [Also in Division C4] A pressurised composition which upon release of pressure forms a foam which exhibits a crackling sound when subjected to shear comprises from 75% to 95% by weight ...

Donald J Cunningham, John E Allard, Virginia E Chandler, Bradley W Smith, David B Monk: Universal squib connector. Morton International, Gerald K White, April 6, 1993: US05200574 (44 worldwide citation)

A universal squib connector for automobile driver and passenger air bag collision protection systems includes a ferrite bead having two holes in spaced relation with an electric terminal positioned in each hole for making electrical contact with an associated one of the protruding pins of a pin type ...