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A fuse apparatus including an elongated hollow tube with a reactive substance coating the inner periphery and adapted to support a gaseous percussion wave throughout the length of the tube.

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Because of the length of the airbag gas generator that is used on the passenger side of an automotive vehicle, it has been extremely difficult and expensive to provide an ignition system that would ignite solid gas generant pellets and wafers uniformly throughout the entire length thereof. In order ...

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An elongated gas generator, or inflator, includes a pyrogen igniter mounted at one end thereof. The pyrogen igniter encloses a unitary grain of ignition material having a centrally located cavity. An initiator, or squib, is located to ignite the unitary grain at the surface of its centrally located ...

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A fuse having two juxtaposed coextensive tubular housing layers is provided with a reactive material deposited within the inner tube, which inner tube is elongated or stretched before forming the outer tubular layer. In the method of manufacture, the inner tubular member is provided with a reactive ...

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Low-energy fuse in the form of a plastic tube the inner surface of which is coated with explosive. In order to prevent the explosive from being dislodged, the plastic tube is of sandwich-type, the outer part of which will withstand mechanical stress and the inner part of which has such adhesion to t ...

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A steel tube having a flattened or oval cross section contains a pair of explosive cores. A sheath of pliable material such as silicone rubber surrounds and holds the core separated from each other and generally centered with respect to the steel tube. The rubber (1) protects the explosive cores fro ...

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Non-detonative linear ignitor fuse for substantially instantaneous ignition of materials distributed along the exterior length of the fuse. The fuse includes a core of non-detonative, ignitive material encased within an imperforate frangible sheath which is ruptured by combustion of the core materia ...

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There is provided a lead-free primer mix having high sensitivity. The primer mix contains an initiating explosive, a sensitizer, a propellant, calcium silicide and an oxidizer. The ignition exhaust products are essentially free of toxic oxides such as lead oxide, barium oxide and antimony oxide.

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A low-energy blasting initiation system, method and surface connection is disclosed for low-noise, time controlled transmission of an initiation signal from a signal initiation source to a plurality of remote blasting elements. A connector block of the system comprises a housing having a channel for ...

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Pyrotechnic/explosive initiator for use with a detonating cord or fuse comprising an elongated hollow tube with a longitudinally extending channel through which a gaseous percussion wave is propagated. The initiator includes a charge of pyrotechnic or explosive material and a valve for cutting off c ...