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The present invention provides methods of reducing the production of both water and particulates from subterranean formations; the methods are particularly useful in conjunction with subterranean formations surrounding wellbores and fractures. The methods comprise the steps of applying to a subterra ...

A salt or fertilizer provided with a coating to prevent dusting or caking. BASF, October 11, 1972: GB1292718-A (58 worldwide citation)

1292718 Coated fertilizers BADISCHE ANILIN- & SODA-FABRIK AG 5 Feb 1970 [6 Feb 1969] 5573/70 Headings C1A and C1B [Also in Divisions B2 and C2] A granular or crystalline salt or fertilizer is provided with a coating to avoid dust formation and agglomeration, the coating comprising a polyethylene wax ...

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The invention relates to a soybean seed, lucerne seed or clover seed coated with an inoculant composition comprising a carrier medium, a beneficial microorganism and an adhesive polymeric material. A high average loading of viable organisms per seed is maintained in storage.


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Granular products for the treatment of soil are described which comprises a central solid nucleus containing fertilizer, herbicide, or a mixture of fertilizer and herbicide, all soluble in water without decomposition, as well as, about each product a coating consisting of solid materials at least 40 ...

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An improved fertilizer composition is disclosed, including particles of a sparingly soluble fertilizer source having porous outer surfaces (for example, IBDU.RTM.) which have been coated with a hard outer coating that substantially covers the surface of each of the particles and substantially fills ...

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An improved process for economically and effectively granulating solid, finely-divided, particulate feedstock comprising phosphogypsum, limestone, or mixtures comprising sulfogypsum, natural or mineral gypsum, or mixtures thereof and limestone and having from about 80 to 95 percent by weight of such ...

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Disclosed is a method of decontaminating soil by applying to the soil an oxygen delivery vehicle such as peroxides of calcium, potassium or magnesium or mixture thereof in an amount which substantially increases the population of microorganism in the soil that digest pollutants. Preferably, a surfac ...

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Nitrogen compounds are a source of soil acidity. In addition nitrates are a major factor in the leaching of other nutrient salts from soils. These salts are then replaced by the available hydrogen ions, rendering the soil even more acidic. Besides supplying nutrients, a desirable fertilizer should o ...

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A divisible hard shell capsule in dosage form, has a plurality of connected subunits each comprising a joined or joinable cap part (2) and body part (1), wherein the body parts (1) are joined by connection elements (5) and/or cap parts (2) are joined by connection elements (5), the connection elemen ...