Elmo C Robinson: Fertilizer and method. M Reid Russell, May 10, 1988: US04743287 (79 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a novel fertilizer and method wherein a complex humic acid fertilizer is formed a mix of a select organic material, water, and measured amounts of major inorganic elements of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and sulfur. The constituents mixed in a sealed reactor system with a fir ...

John Cunningham: Controlled-release microbe nutrients and method for bioremediation. The Sierra Horticultural Products Company, Morrison & Foerster, August 23, 1994: US05340376 (67 worldwide citation)

A controlled-release nutrient source is added at a low level to a bioremediation environment to enhance microorganism growth and activity and promote the effectiveness of the bioremediation in removing environmental contaminants.

Eugene T O Neill, William H Kibbel Jr: Animal waste odor treatment. FMC Corporation, June 29, 1976: US03966450 (67 worldwide citation)

Controlling the odor of an animal waste slurry and increasing the plant nutrient values in said animal waste slurry is achieved by contacting an animal waste slurry with about 5 ppm to about 500 ppm hydrogen peroxide, adjusting the pH of the slurry to between about 4.0 and about 8.0 with a mineral a ...

Robert S Dubrow, Subbu S Venkatraman, Albert J Highe, Frank W Mercer, Christian A Debbaut: Method of curing organpolysiloxane compositions and compositions and articles therefrom. Raychem Corporation, Yuan Chao, Herbert G Burkhard, January 7, 1992: US05079300 (63 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides curable gel compositions and also cured gel compositions which possess unexpectedly superior combinations of physical properties and aging resistance. These compositions are particularly useful for environmentally protecting substrates especially electrical conductors, ...

Thomas T Yamashita: Method and composition for promoting and controlling growth of plants. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, August 27, 1996: US05549729 (59 worldwide citation)

Composition for and method of stimulating growth of plants, e.g. increase in crop production. The composition comprises a carbon skeleton/energy component, typically a sugar or mixture of sugars; a macronutrient component providing the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, preferably ...

Bernard Nobilet, Michel Bonhomme, Philippe Desplat: Method for the recovery of energy from waste and residues. Propiorga, Fisher Christen & Sabol, September 6, 1988: US04769149 (58 worldwide citation)

A process for recovery of energy from waste and residues is disclosed. The residues, after sieving, are subjected to bacterial digestion in a methanization reactor and the solid phase of the digestate is then subjected to incineration in a furnace supplying a heat recuperator, the furnace being supp ...

James M O Donnell: Process for treating sewage sludge and fertilizer products thereof. Orgonics, Richard P Crowley, March 9, 1976: US03942970 (53 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for and a process of treating sludge filter cake and the granular product thereof which comprises reducing the particle size and moisture content of the sludge cake, sterilizing the sludge cake by contacting the sludge cake with an N-methylol-urea solution, reacting the N-methylol-urea ...

Dean O Cameron: Method for treating wastewater and solid organic waste. Dowmus, Dvorak and Traub, May 27, 1997: US05633163 (51 worldwide citation)

Organic waste disposal treatment apparatus includes a treatment chamber assembly in which a compost bed may be formed, an inlet to the treatment chamber assembly through which organic waste may be added to a compost bed in the treatment chamber assembly, ventilation means for promoting aerobic diges ...

Johnny M Thomas II, Richard P Mommer: Elimination of odors from waste material. Uniscope, Lackenbach Siegel Marzullo Presta & Aronson, September 20, 1983: US04405354 (51 worldwide citation)

A method and composition for the elimination and control of ammonia odor from organic waste materials by contacting the waste material with a composition containing a deodorizing agent which produces a non-odorous ammonia salt, thereby eliminating gaseous ammonia from escaping into the air. The pres ...

M David Rickard: Method for treatment of digester supernatant and other streams in wastewater treatment facilities. February 28, 1978: US04076515 (51 worldwide citation)

Digester supernatants and/or liquors from sludge dewatering are reacted with an excess of an alkaline reagent having a stronger cation than the ammonium ion and the reaction product is separated into a solution containing aqueous ammonia and solids. The aqueous ammonia derived from the separation st ...

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