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An early high-strength mineral polymer composition is formed of a polysialatesiloxo material obtained by adding a reactant mixture consisting of alumino-silicate oxide (Si.sub.2 O.sub.5,Al.sub.2 O.sub.2) with the aluminum cation in a four-fold coordination, strong alkalis such as sodium hydroxide an ...

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Disclosed is a hydraulic cement composition comprising (A) a water-soluble alkali metal borosilicate or a combination of a water-soluble alkali metal silicate and an alkali metal borate soluble in an alkaline aqueous solution, (B) silicon polyphosphate, (C) an alkali metal silicofluoride and (D) sub ...

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A thermal barrier coating adapted to provide a thermally insulating protective barrier on a component, the coating being capable of being applied to the components by spraying methods and being ductile when exposed to high temperatures. The coating comprises a mixture containing constituents of fine ...

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Rapidly dissolvable powdered silicates having a molar ratio of silicon dioxide to alkali metal oxide in the range of from about 1.5:1 to about 3.3:1 wherein the alkali metal is selected from the group consisting of sodium, potassium and mixtures thereof. Methods of using the powdered silicates and r ...

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A composition for the manufacture of building boards and mouldings, especially boards and mouldings for fire protection, comprising potassium silicate and/or sodium silicate, light weight aggregate and cellulosic fibres. Preferred light weight aggregates are vermiculite and/or pulverised fuel ash ce ...

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Cementitious compositions and aggregate derivatives of said compositions wherein fluidized bed combustion residue and pozzolanic material, such as pulverized coal combustion system fly ash, are incorporated in a cementitious mix. The mix is cast into desired shape and cured. If desired, the shape ma ...


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A pulverulent single component potassium silicate cement composition is disclosed and claimed which is capable of being installed by the dry gunite method utilizing water addition at the nozzle to produce a dense continuous quick setting acid resistant cement on horizontal, sloping, vertical and ove ...

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A vapor barrier coating solution for polymeric articles is provided which contains a selected layered silicate dispersed in a cationic aqueous metal polysilicate, wherein the weight fraction layered silicate of total inorganic solids in the dry coating ranges from above 0 to about 99 percent.