Ivo Koutsaroff 掘露 伊保龍
Ivoyl Koutsaroff, Shinichi Higai, Akira Ando: Perovskite material with anion-controlled dielectric properties, thin film capacitor device, and method for manufacturing the same. Murata Manufacturing, Keating & Bennett, September 30, 2014: US08848336 (3 worldwide citation)

A crystalline perovskite crystalline composite paraelectric material includes nano-regions containing rich N3− anions dispersed in a nano-grain sized matrix of crystalline oxide perovskite material, wherein (ABO3-δ)α-(ABO3-δ-γNγ)1-α. A represents a divalent element, B represents a tetravalent elemen ...

Shankar M V
Venugopal Shankar Madras, Srivastava Alok M, Comanzo Holly Ann, Midha Vikas, Beers William Winder, Ramachandran Gopi Chandran, Adyam Mukunda Srinivas: Electron emissive materials for electric lamps and methods of manufacture thereof. Gen Electric, December 29, 2004: EP1492144-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

An electron emissive composition comprises a barium tantalate composition of the formula (Ba 1-x , Ca x , Sr p , D q ) 6 (Ta 1-y , W y , E t , F u , G v , Ca w ) 2 O (11 +- ') where ' is an amount of about 0 to about -3; and wherein D is either an alkali earth metal ion or an alkaline earth ion; E, ...



Ravi Laxman
John N Gregg, Scott L Battle, Jeffrey I Banton, Donn K Naito, Ravi Laxman: Method and apparatus to help promote contact of gas with vaporized material. Advanced Technology Materials, March 3, 2011: US20110052482-A1

Vaporizable material is supported within a vessel to promote contact of an introduced gas with the vaporizable material, and produce a product gas including vaporized material. A heating element supplies heat to a wall of the vessel to heat vaporizable material disposed therein. The vessel may compr ...

Yanning Song Yanning Song
Christina M Lampe Onnerud, Per Onnerud, Yanning Song, Richard Y Chamberlain: Lithium-ion secondary battery. Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds PC, February 1, 2007: US20070026315-A1

A lithium-ion battery includes a cathode that includes an active cathode material. The active cathode material includes a cathode mixture that includes a lithium cobaltate and a manganate spinel a manganate spinel represented by an empirical formula of Li(1+x1)(Mn1−y1A′y2)2−x2Oz1. The lithium cobalt ...



Karen Buechler
Stephen Dunmead, Kauko Johannes Karpale, Alan W Weimer, Karen J Buechler, Jacob A Johnson: Rapid conversion of metal-containing compounds to form metals or metal oxides. Kalow & Springut, January 30, 2003: US20030019328-A1

A method of converting metal-containing compounds into a metal or metal oxide by rapidly heating the metal-containing compound to an elevated temperature to instigate conversion and holding the metal-containing compound at the elevated temperature for a time sufficient to effect formation of the met ...

Hiroshi Kawazoe, Hideo Hosono, Atsushi Kudo, Hiroshi Yanagi: Oxide thin film. TDK Corporation, Hiroshi Kawazoe, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, September 25, 2001: US06294274 (2779 worldwide citation)

An object of the invention is to provide an oxide thin film which exhibits a widegap or transparency and p-type conductivity although it has heretofore been very difficult to form. The oxide thin film formed on a substrate contains copper oxide and strontium oxide as a main component and exhibits p- ...