Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Hydrocyanic acid containing bioresource carbon. Arkema France, June 23, 2011: US20110150743-A1

The invention relates to a hydrocyanic acid containing bioresource carbon, and to a method for producing a raw material mainly containing the same by reacting ammonia with methane or methanol optionally in the presence of air and/or oxygen, characterized in that at least one of the reagents selected ...



Batta Louis Bela: Selective adsorption gas separation process. Union Carbide Corporation, January 25, 1972: US3636679 (141 worldwide citation)

Gas mixtures such as air are separated in selective adsorbent beds to produce low-pressure product such as oxygen by simultaneous compressed air-oxygen introduction at opposite ends for partial repressurization, further repressurization with only air, and then product oxygen discharge.

Andrija Fuderer: Enhanced hydrogen recovery from effluent gas streams. Union Carbide Corporation, Alvin H Fritschler, November 19, 1985: US04553981 (102 worldwide citation)

Effluent gas streams for steam reforming, partial oxidation or coal gasification operations are advantageously treated in shift conversion, scrubbing and pressure swing adsorption units for recovery of a purified, hydrogen-containing product gas stream. By recycling a portion of the waste gas remove ...

Quentin Ladetto, Vincent Gabaglio, Josephus Van Seeters: Pedestrian navigation method and apparatus operative in a dead reckoning mode. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Oliff & Berridge, November 30, 2004: US06826477 (73 worldwide citation)

A displacement of a pedestrian is determined from his or her accelerations by detecting accelerations which is substantially non vertical, determining a characteristic feature in the detected accelerations correlated with a step frequency, determining the displacement on the basis of said determined ...

Steven Hardwick, James V McManus: Process for sorption of hazardous waste products from exhaust gas streams. Novapure Corporation, Steven J Hultquist, June 14, 1994: US05320817 (73 worldwide citation)

A method for cleaning an exhaust gas containing ammonia and at least one silicon-containing compound selected from the group consisting of silane and chlorosilanes, which comprises contacting the exhaust gas with a scavenger comprising a metal salt which forms tight complexes with ammonia. This ammi ...

Eberhard Jacob Dr Dipl Chem: Process and device for selective catalytic nox reduction in exhaust gases containing oxygen.. Man Technologie, June 3, 1992: EP0487886-A1 (71 worldwide citation)

For the operation of an SCR catalyst (5) for nitrogen oxide reduction, it is proposed to spray urea solution finely from a container (8) onto a heated vaporiser/catalyst (3) and, if necessary, to carry out an aftertreatment by means of a downstream hydrolysis catalyst (4). The result is that the red ...

Bowie G Keefer: Gas phase chemical reactor. March 28, 1989: US04816121 (68 worldwide citation)

Gas or vapor phase chemical reactions are conducted inside an open loop Stirling cycle apparatus which may operate as a heat engine or as a heat pump. Adsorbent surfaces are associated with the thermal regenerators of the Stirling cycle apparatus, so that pressure swing adsorption separation of reac ...

Cable Thomas L, Frye John G Jr, Kliewer Wayne R, Mazanec Terry J: Electrochemical reactors and multicomponent membranes useful for oxidation reactions.. Standard Oil Co Ohio, July 31, 1991: EP0438902-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

A solid multi-component membrane for use in an electrochemical reactor characterized by a mixed metal oxide material having a perovskite structure comprising (1) a lanthanide, Y, or a combination of a lanthanide and Y, (2) at least one alkaline earth metal, (3) Fe, and (4) Cr, Ti or a combination of ...

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