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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fine particle manufacturing method capable of reducing the size of fine particles to be manufactured.SOLUTION: A raw material gas stream ET containing a raw material of fine particles and a reactive gas flow GR for covering the raw material gas stream ET are allowe ...

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A nucleic acid-bondable magnetic carrier of the present invention comprises magnetic silica particles comprising a superparamagnetic metal oxide, wherein the magnetic silica particles have a specific surface of about 100 to about 800 m/g.

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a technology by which organic groups are bonded through a firm bonding to fine particles such as nano particles which are noticed as an indispensable material for development of highly technical products because they show a variety of peculiar superior characteristic ...

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Porous spheroidal silica having a particle size in the range 1 to 400 microns, axial ratios of 1:1 to 1:12 has up to 50% by weight of the SiO2 of included material, such as for example perfumes, flavouring materials, pigments, germicides, bactericides, fungicides, bleaching agents, skin benefit agen ...

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There is provided a process and apparatus for the production of finely-divided metal and metalloid oxides by flame hydrolysis of corresponding metal and metalloid halides whereby burner fouling is minimized and burner fabrication is facilitated by transpiration of a fuel gas or vapor along the bound ...

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A pozzolan for use in concrete products which is a silica by-product in the acid treatment of silica-containing ore is described. The pozzolan contains over 75% by weight amorphous silica and provides an increase in the early strength of concrete in comparison to traditional pozzolans as well as min ...

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New crystalline silicas are synthesized from a sodium silicate or other silica source solution having a Na.sub.2 O/SiO.sub.2 ratio of about 0.3 up to 7. These new silicas are formed at elevated temperatures wherein the precursor solution is at a pH of at least about 10. The precursor solution is age ...

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An improved process for uniformly distributing high levels of water in hydrophilic fumed silica by mixing with dry water.

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Precipitated silica with controlled porosity and process for obtaining it. The silica of the invention has the following characteristics: - B.E.T. specific surface of between 20 and 300 m/g, - C.T.A.B. specific surface of between 10 and 200 m/g, - oil (DBP) uptake of between 80 and 400 cm/100 g, - p ...

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Reinforced precipitated silica having, on a coating-free and impregnant-free basis, a surface area of from about 220 to about 340 square meters per gram, a pore diameter at the maximum of the volume pore size distribution function of from about 9 to about 20 nanometers, and a total intruded volume o ...