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Novel class of crystalline microporous metal aluminophosphate compositions containing as lattice constituents in addition to AlO.sub.2 and PO.sub.2 structural units, one or a mixture of two or more of the metals Mg, Mn, Co and Zn in tetrahedral coordination with oxygen atoms. These compositions are ...


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Process for the synthesis of precursors of molecular sieves of the silicoaluminophosphate type by heating to .gtoreq.100.degree. C. under autogenous pressure a reaction mixture containing sources of silicon, aluminum and phosphorus in the presence of an organic structuring agent and of hydrofluoric ...

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A composition providing thermal, corrosion, and oxidation protection at high temperatures is based on a synthetic aluminum phosphate, in which the molar content of aluminum is greater than phosphorous. The composition is annealed and is metastable at temperatures up to 1400° C.

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Disclosed is a new aluminophosphate composition which is (i) amorphous; (ii) has, on a microlevel, sheets of aluminophosphate as well as spheres. The new composition can be made, in one embodiment, by neutralizing a mixture of aluminum cations and phosphate anions with a base with vigorous mixing in ...

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A method for synthesizing a crystalline silicophosphoaluminate is provided. The composition has ion-exchange properties and is readily convertible to catalytically active material. The synthesis method requires an organic phase, and an aqueous phase. The silicon, phosphorus and aluminum components o ...

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The invention relates to a process for making phosphorus-containing anticorrosive pigments having a size of at most 20 microns by reacting one or more compounds of magnesium, calcium, strontium, barium, zinc, aluminum, iron, chromium or manganese with an oxygen acid of phosphorus or its alkali metal ...

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Crystalline Group IIIB metallophosphates are provided herein having a composition in terms of mole ratios of oxides in the synthesized state of:

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Novel aluminum phosphates, in particular amorphous aluminum phosphate powders having a BET specific surface no greater than 25 m.sup.2 /g, well suited as binders/hardeners or for the production of ceramic shaped articles, are prepared by reacting at least one aluminum compound, e.g., an aluminum oxi ...