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The present invention provides a method for the generation of NO gas by exposing zwitterionic polyamine-nitric oxide adducts of the formula RN´┐ŻN(O)NO.sup.- !(CH.sub.2).sub.x NH.sub.2.sup.+ R', wherein R=C.sub.1 -C.sub.6 alkyl, C.sub.1 -C.sub.6 aminoalkyl, or cyclohexy, R'=hydrogen or C.sub.1 -C.sub. ...

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The present invention generally relates to compositions and methods for transdermal drug delivery. The compositions can be used in a variety of applications, including treating erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction, treating wounds, or causing or promoting hair growth. For example, in one aspec ...

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Chemical derivatives of nitric oxide are provided which are stable indefinitely in oxygen-containing solutions until photolysis, whereupon they release NO. These compounds have the general formula

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A gas mixture comprised of nitric oxide and, optionally an inert gas, and containing small amounts of nitrogen dioxide, and perhaps moisture and sulfur dioxide, is purified by passing the gas stream through a bed of metal cation-free alumina-deficient zeolites of types Y or ZSM-5. The concentrations ...

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A system for producing nitrogen fertilizer using an electric arc process is described in which the electric arc necessary for the process is generated by piezoelectric elements actuated by a hammer mechanism powered by water pressure such as from a garden hose. The nitrogen oxides produced by the ar ...

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Redox flow devices are described in which at least one of the positive electrode or negative electrode-active materials is a semi-solid or is a condensed ion-storing electroactive material, and in which at least one of the electrode-active materials is transported to and from an assembly at which th ...

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A device is provided that allows for treatment or pre-treatment of an area of a human or animal organ intended to be penetrated to connect the vascular system of said human or animal with a sampling, infusion, or withdrawal container. The device comprises nitric oxide (NO) for obtaining a vaso-dilat ...

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The invention relates to a method and to a device for producing a gas mixture containing nitrogen, oxygen and nitrogen monoxide, by passing a gas composition containing nitrogen and oxygen through a zone in which a glow discharge is generated. The device includes a reaction chamber (17), an inlet op ...

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A device is provided that allows for target treatment of infections, caused by dermatophytes, yeast fungus, and 5 mould fungus, such as onychomycosis and dermatophytosis. The device comprises a nitric oxide (NO) eluting polymer arranged to contact the infected area, such that a therapeutic dose of n ...

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A method and apparatus for converting oxides of nitrogen to nitric oxide is disclosed wherein the gas to be treated is passed through a plurality of alumina tubes each containing a wire of catalytic material which is wound into and through the tubes. The wire, preferably platinum, is connected to a ...