Shin Jin Koog, Kim Kyu Tae, Jung Min Jae, Yoon Sang Soo, Han Young Soo, Lee Jae Eun: Method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes and field effect transistor using the carbon nanotubes grown by the method. LG Electronics, February 13, 2002: GB2364933-A (140 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method of horizontally growing carbon nanotubes, in which the carbon nanotubes can be selectively grown in a horizontal direction at specific locations of a substrate having catalyst formed thereat, so that the method can be usefully utilized in fabricating nano-devices. The method in ...

Mark Tuominen, Mustafa Bal, Thomas P Russell, Andrei Ursache: Nanofabrication. University of Massachusetts, Fish & Richardson P C, March 13, 2007: US07189435 (138 worldwide citation)

Pathways to rapid and reliable fabrication of three-dimensional nanostructures are provided. Simple methods are described for the production of well-ordered, multilevel nanostructures. This is accomplished by patterning block copolymer templates with selective exposure to a radiation source. The res ...

Venkatachalam C Jaiprakash, Jonathan W Ward, Thomas Rueckes, Brent M Segal: Devices having vertically-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same. Nantero, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, August 2, 2005: US06924538 (136 worldwide citation)

Electro-mechanical switches and memory cells using vertically-disposed nanofabric articles and methods of making the same are described. An electro-mechanical device, includes a structure having a major horizontal surface and a channel formed therein. A conductive trace is in the channel; and a nano ...

Alexander Pechenik: Method for making a nano-stamp and for forming, with the stamp, nano-size elements on a substrate. Thomas R Vigil, April 2, 2002: US06365059 (103 worldwide citation)

The stamping process and a method of fabrication of nano-stamps with characteristic dimensions below 1 nm and up to 100 nm intended for usage in making patterns of characteristic dimensions the same as those of the nano-stamp on surface of a substrate is provided. In the process a very hard stamp is ...

Ma Yanjun, Ono Yoshi: Integrated circuit comprising a multilayer dielectric stack and method. Sharp, August 16, 2001: EP1124262-A2 (98 worldwide citation)

A multilayer dielectric stack is provided which has alternating layers of a high-k material and an interposing material. The presence of the interposing material and the thinness of the high-k material layers reduces or eliminate effects of crystallization within the high-k material, even at relativ ...

Richard E Smalley, Daniel T Colbert, Hongjie Dai, Jie Liu, Andrew G Rinzler, Jason H Hafner, Kenneth A Smith, Ting Guo, Pavel Nikolaev, Andreas Thess: Array of single-wall carbon nanotubes. William Marsh Rice University, Ross Spencer Garsson, Edward T Mickelson, Winstead Sechrest & Minick P C, July 4, 2006: US07071406 (79 worldwide citation)

This invention relates generally to forming an array of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT). In one embodiment, a macroscopic molecular array is provided comprising at least about 106 single-wall carbon nanotubes in generally parallel orientation and having substantially similar lengths in the range ...

Thomas Rueckes, Brent M Segal, Darren K Brock: Electromechanical three-trace junction devices. Nantero, Hale and Dorr, June 28, 2005: US06911682 (78 worldwide citation)

Three trace electromechanical circuits and methods of using same are described. A circuit includes first and second electrically conductive elements with a nanotube ribbon (or other electromechanical elements) disposed therebetween. The nanotube ribbon is movable toward at least one of the first and ...

Dan B Millward, Eugene P Marsh: Registered structure formation via the application of directed thermal energy to diblock copolymer films. Micron Technology, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek SC, December 27, 2011: US08083953 (69 worldwide citation)

Methods for fabricating sublithographic, nanoscale linear microchannel arrays over surfaces without defined features utilizing self-assembling block copolymers, and films and devices formed from these methods are provided. Embodiments of the methods use a multilayer induced ordering approach to alig ...

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