Charles Sperry
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A packaging device is disclosed for forming packaging cushions of the type that include a plastic bag filled with a solid foam, and wherein the cushions are initially formed of a plastic bag filled with a foamable material that reacts and then hardens to form solid foam. The device comprises means f ...

Gordon J Peterson: Method of manufacturing cushion construction for seating unit. Steelcase Development Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, April 19, 2005: US06880215 (88 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a seating unit, such as a chair, includes manufacturing a cushion made from a non-woven fibrous material, and attaching the cushion to the seating unit for comfortable support. The cushion is made by cutting a blank from non-woven fibrous sheet material, steam-forming the b ...

Florence Cassano, Albert R Nash: Wrist support for computer keyboard. Wrist Eze Products, Galgano & Belkin, June 30, 1992: US05125606 (69 worldwide citation)

A wrist support for use with a computer keyboard including a longitudinally extending rigid board with a foam layer and a cover to compress the foam to form a cushion. A rubber base is placed on the underside of the board. The cushion is placed near a lower edge of a keyboard for support of the wris ...

William H Terbrack: Movable keyboard forearm, wrist and hand support device. Stetina and Brunda, November 10, 1992: US05161760 (61 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a keyboard forearm, wrist and hand support device for use in conjunction with the keyboard of a video display terminal work station. The support device of the present invention is adapted to reduce occurrence of repetitive strain injury by reducing stress on the user's shou ...

Smith Imre Jack: Space filling material and method. August 19, 1975: US3900648 (58 worldwide citation)

A space filling material which incorporates a mass of synthetic filaments and a quantity of pieces of flexible foam material, preferably synthetic, distributed throughout the mass of filaments and entangled therewith and secured by such entanglement, thereby extending the contained volume of the mas ...

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The invention relates to the use of a non woven material as underlayer for a fabric covering seats intended for passenger transport by road, rail or air.

John Y Chen: Tear resistant gels, composites, and cushion articles. Applied Elastomerics, May 29, 2007: US07222380 (56 worldwide citation)

SEEPS gel and gel foam molded shape articles for use in medical and sport health care, such use include therapeutic hand exercising grips, dental floss, crutch cushions, cervical pillows, bed wedge pillows, leg rest, cushions, mattress, bed pads, elbow padding, dermal pads, wheelchair cushions, helm ...

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A composite mixture of spherical objects and lubricant useful for its cushioning properties is disclosed and claimed. The composite mixture may be composed of microspheres typically less than 2000 microns in diameter with inert atmospheres sealed within their interiors and any of a variety of lubric ...

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A method of installing a front seat assembly in a vehicle interior is disclosed. The front seat assembly has first and second seats which are fastened together prior to installation of the front seat assembly in the vehicle. The front seat assembly is positioned in the vehicle as a single unit and t ...

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A seat cushion assembly has a lower layer of resilient shape-retaining material with an upper surface having a pair of adjacent parallel channel-shaped recesses extending rearwardly from a front end of the cushion assembly and shaped to conform to the undersides of the thighs of a sitting person. Th ...