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A sensor array pad for sensing the pressure distribution under a saddle on the back of a horse includes a membrane made of first and second, identical substantially non-stretchable, flexible membrane portions. The membrane portions have adjacent facing edges that are joined at two spaced-apart tabs. ...

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An equestrian saddle is made up of a saddle tree on which webbing is stretched between the cantle and head, and between the left and right frame members to provide a spring-like seat base. A seat cushion formed of a silicone dielectric gel is disposed on the seat base and is covered with a layer of ...

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A boot for a horse has two tongues which are located opposite one another and allow the boot to be opened exceptionally wide.

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A portable and collapsible saddle rack apparatus having a frame with a member for attaching and detaching the saddle rack to a fence board, stall door, or the like. The frame has saddle supporting member hinged thereto and a supporting brace member also hinged to the frame and shaped in a manner to ...