Carl McVey
Mcvey Carl: Improvements in or relating to a ratchet mechanism. Rwo, April 29, 1987: GB2181801-A (1 worldwide citation)

The ratchet mechanism comprises a rotatable member 6 incorporating a toothed periphery, the rotatable member being suitably mounted to allow free rotation thereof, a pawl 14 incorporating means 16 for engaging said toothed periphery, said pawl being suitably mounted to permit movement thereof from a ...

Carl McVey
Mcvey Carl, Owen John Robert: Improvements in or relating to a locking arrangement. Rwo, April 29, 1987: GB2181779-A

A locking arrangement is disclosed for locking a shackle 4 in a predetermined position relative to an item such as a pulley block 1 to which the shackle is to be connected, said arrangement comprising an element 3 protruding from said item defining a bore to receive a locking pin 5 of the shackle, a ...

Desplats Andre: Declutching mechanism for a hauling apparatus through which runs a cable.. Tractel, January 19, 1983: EP0070230-A1 (395 worldwide citation)

Le levier de débrayage 7 est monté pour coulisser longitudinalement par actionnement de la poignée 8 en déplaçant l'axe intermédiaire 5 porté par le levier de déhalage 2. Un verrou pivotant 9, monté dans une extrémité élargie d'une fente oblongue longitudinale 11 du levier 7, interdit le mouvement d ...

Joshua John Bialkowski, John Roberts, Abraham Bachrach: Method of actively controlling winch swing via modulated uptake and release. Google, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, August 23, 2016: US09422139 (126 worldwide citation)

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) including a winch system, wherein the winch system includes a winch line having a first end that is secured to the payload, and wherein the winch system is controllable to vary the rate of descent of the payload, an inertial measurement unit positioned on the payload ...

Carl G Nilsen, Richard A Gabel: Counterbalancing mechanism for X-ray tubeheads. Pennwalt Corporation, September 4, 1979: US04166602 (112 worldwide citation)

An X-ray tubehead counterbalancing mechanism devoid of springs, cams and chains is disclosed. The mechanism requires only a single adjustment to precisely counterbalance objects, such as tubeheads and the like. The mechanism includes a commercially available gas spring which is used in conjunction w ...

Tommy S Frink, Lowell M Reed, Dwayne V Cochran, Will L McNair: Automatic drilling system. Parker Technology, Marcus L Bates, October 24, 1989: US04875530 (74 worldwide citation)

Maximum rate of drill bit penetration in high speed coring is achieved by precise control of bit weight and bit speed. The automatic drilling system of this invention makes it possible to quickly reach and maintain this optimum combination or "sweet-point" each time the core bit is started. The requ ...

Palynchuk Alexander: 7. Corod Manufacturing, February 2, 1971: US3559905 (74 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is provided which pulls a metal member, such as a sucker rod string, from a well and coils it onto a circular frame which is of sufficient size whereby the member will not be permanently deformed. For example, a pair of opposed, driven, endless tracks, provided with gripping pads, grip the ...

Michael A Peshkin, J Edward Colgate, Julio Santos Munne, David Meer, James Lipsey, Witaya Wannasuphoprasit, Stephen H Klostermeyer: System and architecture for providing a modular intelligent assist system. The Stanley Works, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, August 9, 2005: US06928336 (72 worldwide citation)

An intelligent assist system having a modular architecture, coordinated by electronic communication links between the modules, is provided. Motion modules provide an assist upon actuation, and are in communication with computational nodes. Communication links between at least two of the computationa ...

Gote E Y Holmberg: Strap tightener. Broderna Holmbergs Fabriks, Berman Aisenberg & Platt, October 14, 1980: US04227286 (59 worldwide citation)

A strap tightener including means to lock an operating lever in a rest position adjacent to an anchoring element for fixedly anchoring the strap tightener.

Edith Rutzki: Device for tensioning straps. Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak & Seas, September 24, 1985: US04542883 (54 worldwide citation)

A tensioner for straps, especially for systems for keeping loads in position, has an anchoring means for the fixed end of the strap and a strap drum worked by a ratchet, the drum then acting as a winch for tensioning the strap. The drum has a locking pawl that may be moved clear of it. The tensionin ...