aaron alls
Bruce W Farber, Aaron Alls, Joseph Beck: Slider scissor lift for a vehicle operator console. Kelly Lowry & Kelley, August 13, 2009: US20090200117-A1

An improved slider scissor lift results in forward or backward movement of a raised work platform. The forward or backward movement is achieved by positioning upper pins and sliders oppositely from lower pins and sliders. This oppositely pinned configuration results in an operation whereby the base ...

Robert F Gazdzinski: Elevator access control system and method. Gazdzinski & Associates, August 22, 2006: US07093693 (179 worldwide citation)

An information and access control system and associated methods for personnel transport devices. In one embodiment, the system comprises a signal emitter capable of emitting electromagnetic energy of a first frequency, the electromagnetic energy including first data identifying at least one person; ...

Michael J DiFranza: Information distribution system for use in an elevator. Captivate Network, Fish & Richardson P C, September 21, 1999: US05955710 (116 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to features a system which distributes "real-time" information along with digital advertising to elevator display units mounted in elevators. The system includes an elevator display unit having a display monitor for displaying general and commercial information to passengers wi ...

Paul Friedli, Karl Schneeberger, Hans Peter Bornhauser: Elevator installation. Inventio, Greenblum & Bernstein, November 18, 1997: US05689094 (114 worldwide citation)

Elevator installation. This device enables an implicit input of destination calls in elevator installations, with an information transmitter, after a corresponding enquiry, sending data to a recognition device, wherein the data can contain direct information about the desired destination floor or se ...

Heinz Dieter Nagel: Brake regulating apparatus for an elevator car. Inventio, Howard & Howard, July 15, 1997: US05648644 (108 worldwide citation)

An elevator brake regulating apparatus includes brake actuators, a source of pressured fluid and a brake regulating control connected between the actuators and the fluid source. A fastening housing is attached to a carrier frame of a elevator car and has recesses for retaining guides of a brake shoe ...

Daniel R Drop: Processing and registering automatic elevator cell destinations. Otis Elevator Company, March 20, 2001: US06202799 (107 worldwide citation)

The next destination for an automatically registered elevator call is displayed to a passenger on a portable card that he carries, when he passes a beacon adjacent to the elevator, only if the destination is designated as “fixed”; if the destination is designated as “unfixed”, a new next destination ...

Vladimir Radev: Battery changing system for electric battery-powered vehicles. Simmons Rand Company, John J Selko, James R Bell, November 17, 1992: US05163537 (103 worldwide citation)

A battery changing system for electric battery-powered vehicles, particularly for electric battery-powered underground mining vehicles having a main frame and a battery support attached to the main frame, and using several exchangeable batteries, the battery changing system comprising a bellcrank fo ...

Kimio Matsumoto, Ichihiro Sawaike, Atsuo Nishigakik, Akitoshi Yamashita, Tomohiko Tsumura: Elevator display system using composite images to display car position. Sanyo Electric, Fujitec, Nikaido Marmelstein Murray & Oram, January 23, 1996: US05485897 (102 worldwide citation)

An elevator sysem having an elevator operation control unit 2 for controlling the upward or downward movement of an elevator car 6 and an image display unit 5 provided inside the car. The system comprises an image reproduction unit 1 for feeding a main image signal for forming a background image to ...

Charles Whynacht: Remote elevator monitoring system. United Technologies Corporation, Francis J Maguire Jr, February 4, 1986: US04568909 (98 worldwide citation)

A plurality of operating systems in buildings organized in geographical groups, each group having a local service office, are monitored at both the local offices and a central office for the presence of various combinations of performance criteria defining alarm conditions.

Sueo Okabe, Toshiaki Ishii: Elevator system. Mitsubishi Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, Leydig Voit & Mayer, May 16, 2000: US06062344 (97 worldwide citation)

In an elevator system, first and second car carrying bases move up and down along first and second segments of a hoistway, respectively. First and second support members are located on the first and second car carrying bases, respectively. A car is moved up and down within the hoistway while being s ...