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A work handling assembly especially adapted for automated equipment comprising a movable arm, piston means supported on said arm, and removable cam means supported on the piston means, the arm including guide means for controlling the line of movement of said cam means. Also supported on the arm is ...

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A manipulator for industrial purposes constructed with a housing for accommodating therein major component parts such as driving mechanism therefor; a main shaft held in a rotatable manner; an auxiliary shaft concentrically fitted in the main shaft; an arm member fixedly supported on the top of the ...

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A reorientation device for use with a general purpose object manipulator is disclosed, comprised of an arrangement for rotating the object while in the grasp of the manipulator through predetermined detented angles, this reorientation thereby reducing the range of manipulation motions required to be ...

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A wafer holding apparatus comprises a susceptor unit having wafer support grooves where wafers are detachably fixed, a plurality of chuck claws so provided as to be movable by air cylinders relative to a chuck body and adapted to hold the outer edge of the wafer, a transfer arm for transferring the ...

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The device includes an alignment station at which an operator can align a wafer under a microscope. Once the wafer is properly aligned, a transfer chuck is brought into position above the wafer and aligned with alignment pins located in fixed positions at the alignment station. The wafer is then fix ...

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A two-axis robot (10) includes a vertical tubular post (66) mounted for rotation about its vertical axis, with a vertically slidable shaft (78) extending through the post.

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An automatic system for inspecting contact lenses that are suspended in a saline solution within a lens holder. In the manufacturing process a first electronic image is taken of each lens disposed in its holder. Thereafter a second image is taken of the lens after the holder has been rotated and the ...

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A device for manually maneuvering a handling unit, includes a mounting structure for attachment to a handling unit which is operated through actuation of a control mechanism connected to the mounting structure. A handle frame is connectable to the mounting structure and includes a cross member and a ...

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A production line which includes a shuttle conveyor extending between two work stations. A first transfer device for transferring a workpiece from one of the work stations to the conveyor and a second transfer device for transferring the workpiece to the second work station all equipped with workpie ...

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Method and apparatus for transporting silicon wafers (50). Damage to the wafers (50) is minimized by supporting the wafer (50) solely by means of wafer supports (18, 19) which contact the wafer (50) only around the periphery thereof. Preferred supports (18, 19) are flanged wheels (18, 19) which are ...