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A cartridge for use with a mounting head for the preparation of fluid comestibles comprising a cartridge inlet, a chamber connected to said cartridge inlet for containing suitable flavor-containing or particle materials, a cartridge outlet connected to said chamber and a handle enabling a user to ho ...

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A method of packaging and preparing a mixed drink and the mixed drink mixer package therefor, wherein pre-measured mixer ingredients are packaged in a container that is marketed and sold with extra head-space for the subsequent addition and shaking of ingredients according to the consumer's taste, a ...

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1,256,247. Capsule. KANTOR INTERNATIONAL S.A. 9 Dec., 1968 [2 Nov., 1968], No. 58463/68. Heading B8C. [Also in Division B1] A container having a cap 2 and a base 1 of truncated cone shape contains a substance 7 which by the addition of a liquid provides a drink and is characterized by a punching dev ...

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The invention concerns thermoplastics material cups which nest to seal a chamber in the bottom of the lower cup. A thermoplastics material cup (12) for nesting in a like cup has an endless groove (28) on its interior wall spaced from the bottom (16) to interlock with a lug (36) adjacent the bottom ( ...

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A cup (1) for the preparation of beverages has a diaphragm (7) sealed therein, the space between the diaphragm and the base (5) of the cup containing one or more beverage ingredients (10) and being maintained under positive pressure or under a partial vacuum.

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Systems, methods and cartridges for carbonating a precursor liquid, such as water, to form a beverage. A carbon dioxide source can be provided in a cartridge which is used to generate carbon dioxide gas that is dissolved into the precursor liquid. A beverage medium, such as a powdered drink mix or l ...

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A double-walled drinking cup assembled from two vacuum formed sheet plastics components (11 and 13) has a recess (23) formed by the base (15) of the outer component for the accommodation of coffee powder on the bottom (14) of a similar cup in which the said cup is nested. Seals between the recess sp ...