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A new method of making a form fill bag having a reclosable fastener thereon and a mechanism therefor wherein a continuous length of film is advanced and joined first and second fastener profile strips are laid laterally onto the film of a length substantially equal to one-half of the film width, the ...

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A reclosable container features ridges near the opening of the container to provide improved gripping of the container by the user during the opening and loading of the container.

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Material for bags with flexible sidewalls having reclosable separable plastic profile bag mouth closures comprising flexible sheet material providing the bag body and sidewalls. The bag mouth closures comprise strips having separably interlockable complementary resilient plastic profiles and lateral ...

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A reclosable bag and plastic film and method for making the bag. The bag has a reclosable fastener connected to a single wall of the bag, and the film has a reclosable fastener connected to one side thereof which does not require attachment to any other portion of the film when making a bag. The fas ...

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A plastic bag having a reclosable plastic zipper is provided with a tamper-evident, non-reclosable peel seal formed by coextruding an adhesive onto a side strip adjacent to the interlocking zipper. The coextrusion causes the adhesive to preferentially adhere to the side strip when the peel seal is b ...

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A flexible bag has a releasable closure with a fin extending away from one of the mating pluralities of hook-like protrusions. The fin is joined to the base of the hook-like protrusions to apply disengaging force for opening the closure from the outside of the bag. The closure resists opening force ...

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A closure strip (1) which incorporates a profiled closure element for use in resealable or reclosable bags is provided with a channel (4) in its surface which contacts a bag forming substrate material (6) for receiving adhesive (5). The presence of the channel ensures that a suitable thickness of ad ...

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In one embodiment, a closure arrangement for a polymeric bag having a pair of opposing films comprises a wide base strip, a pair of narrow heat-resistant strips composed of heat-resistant material, and a T-shaped peelable strip composed of peelable material. The base strip has opposing inner and out ...

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A package is disclosed comprising a double wall, plastic bag having an access opening covered by a readily removable closure membrane bonded to the bag by heat seals adjacent the access opening. Both the bag and the membrane are essentially completely impermeable to bacteria, but the membrane is hig ...