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A compartmented aerosol container wherein an open ended container body has disposed therein a pouch which is bonded to the container body adjacent the open end thereof in sealed relation. The pouch receives the product to be dispensed and defines a first compartment. A second compartment is formed o ...

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A modular container apparatus for storing and transporting articles, including first and second inner shell members positionable in opposed relation to one another to enclose a storage article volume. First and second outer shell members nestingly receive and are affixed to the first and second inne ...

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An aerosol dispenser including a outer casing, an product containing bag within said casing and sealingly secured thereto at a point of interconnection between the casing and a cap carrying a dispensing valve. Pressurized propellant is disposed between the casing and the bag.

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An improved flexible semi-bulk container utilizing rigid panels associated with the side walls of the flexible container to provide rigidity and enable the container to stand alone when filled with fluidized material such as fluidized solids, semi-solids, slurries and liquids.

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Structural front and rear frames, and a rear bulkhead mounted on the rear frame, mount and securely retain a flexible bag as a liner within a freight container, truck trailer or the like, to adapt the container for bulk cargo transport. The front frame retains the front end of the liner bag in gener ...

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A shipping container liner system for use in the shipping of bulk flowable products is described. The system comprises a specially adapted shipping container liner that is self-supporting without the need of rear-mounted rigid supportive bars to retain the liner within the shipping container during ...

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A sheath-encapsulated primary and secondary container for food, beverage and consumable products employs a structure to protect the contents of the container against the stresses of processing, filling, warehousing, distribution, merchandising and customer use. The structure is formed of paper-based ...

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The present invention relates to an improved container for food and non-food products. The container utilizes a novel paperboard barrier laminate structure which maintains an isolated gas environment in the container. The laminate makes use of high strength, heat-resistant and caulking polymer layer ...

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There is provided a polyethylene terephthalate bottle for liquid-carbonated beverages, the bottle having an interior liquid-contacting surface containing an effective wetting amount of oleic acid to cover any microflaws present and to thereby reduce bubble nucleation and carbonation loss. There is a ...

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An industrial drum constructed of synthetic resin material by rotational molding, the material being a crosslinkable high density polyethylene resin having the ability to crosslink as the drum is molded. The top end wall of the drum carries a bung opening, and an integrally molded chime at the inter ...