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An adsorbent neutralizer for absorbing, without disguising, odorous gases from soiled matter in a relatively large container having a closable opening at least the size of a hand. The adsorbent neutralizer is contained in a perforated receptacle and may be engaged relative to the container via adhes ...

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Each chamber (3) fixes analytical agents inside. Preferred Features: A narrowing of the chamber is sufficient for fixation, e.g. caused by internal prominences of the walls. One of the two or more openings is permeable to the agent. Another opening permits a plunger to displace it. Each chamber has ...

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A storage rack for culture tubes or similar tubular articles is vacuum-formed from a plastic material, such as polypropylene and comprises two separably connected elements, one being a boxlike member with upstanding peripheral walls and a floor having a plurality of wells in which to receive the low ...

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A garbage can with a packaged and folded plastic bags supplier, characterized in using a series of plastic bags which are packaged and folded in a box as a supplier for continuously supplying available plastic bags, relates to the structure of a garbage can and the special manner of sealing and fold ...

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A case for unsupported-base multipacks of bottles has an outer wall, a base grid comprising a plurality of interconnected ribs, and partitioning to divide the case into a plurality of multipack receptacles. Each multipack receptacle has a generally hollow supporting pillar projecting from the base g ...

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A device for holding jewelry such as earrings for wearing in pierced ears has at least two frames with a rigid sheet mounted in each of the frames, with the rigid sheet having apertures for receiving the jewelry.

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A housing having a generally circular cross section with a wafer-receiving cavity therein and an opening having an inner dimension larger than the peripheral dimension of the wafer, an inner surface of said cavity which tapers inwardly from the outer edges thereof generally toward the center and awa ...

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A carrying case for heated food containers, particularly slow cookers, has a flexible bottom wall, side wall and lid so that it can be adjusted to accommodate food containers of various different dimensions. A clamp assembly is provided for securely holding a lid on the food container within the car ...

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This disclosure deals with novel tape cassette and tape cassette box storage cases wherein sets of particularly positioned and spaced short horizontal and vertical ribs are provided at the front and rear faces of at least the bottom box portion of the case to enable transverse parallel storage of ca ...

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A jewelry case for receiving, storing, carrying and displaying jewelry, comprising a front portion and a back portion defining at least one compartment therebetween. The front portion comprises a pair of closure members hingedly mounted to the back portion to provide easy access to the compartments. ...